When is the next Blue Origin New Shepard rocket launch?

new shepard rocket launch

Since 2015 Blue Origin has been launching its New Shepard suborbital rocket from its facility in Van Horne, Texas. Additionally, in 2021 Blue Origin began launching paying customers atop its rocket for a 10-minute joy ride. The next launch of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket is set for August 4.

Note: This mission has launched. Check back later to learn about NS-23 when details are announced.

The next New Shepard launch is NS-22

On August 4, Blue Origin plans to launch its next group of customers to space and back on its New Shepard rocket. The flight will last about 10 minutes from launch to landing in the plains of West Texas. Inside the capsule will be six customers who have either paid for their seat or had the ticket sponsored by an organization.

Blue Origin NS-22 crew

  • Mário Ferreira: Mário is a Portuguese entrepreneur, investor, and President of Pluris Investments Group, which includes more than 40 companies spanning tourism, media (TV and radio), real estate, insurance, and renewable energy. A passionate adventurer, Mário raced the Dakar, the world’s most difficult car rally, in 2007, ran the London Marathon in 2010, and has been a scuba diver since he was 20. In 2003, Mario was decorated by the President of Portugal with the title of “Comendador.”
  • Vanessa O’Brien: Vanessa is a British-American explorer. Following NS-22, Vanessa will become the first woman to reach extremes on land, sea, and air, completing the Explorers’ Extreme Trifecta, a Guinness World Record. Vanessa will become the first woman to reach the Earth’s highest peak (Mt. Everest), its deepest (Challenger Deep), and cross the Kármán line, the internationally recognized boundary of space. She is an advocate for climate change and a champion for women’s equality and education, carrying the UN Women’s flag to the summit of K2.
  • Clint Kelly III: Clint managed research and technology programs focused primarily on computer science and robotics while in government and in industry. In 1984, he started the Autonomous Land Vehicle project while at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and is credited with starting the development of the technology base leading to today’s driverless cars. He and his wife have photographed wildlife on every continent from the High Arctic to Antarctica, with an emphasis on big cats, polar bears, and all 21 species of penguins.
  • Sara Sabry: Sara is an Egyptian mechanical and biomedical engineer, and founder of Deep Space Initiative (DSI), a nonprofit aiming to increase accessibility for space research. She became Egypt’s first female analog astronaut in 2021 after completing a two-week Moon mission simulating the extreme conditions astronauts experience in orbital space. Sara earned her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at the American University in Cairo, and a master’s in biomedical engineering from the Politecnico di Milano. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in aerospace sciences with a focus on space suit design. Sara is fluent in Arabic, French, and English, and currently resides in Berlin.
  • Steve Young: Steve is the former CEO of Young’s Communications LLC (Y-COM), the largest telecommunications contractor in the state of Florida, under his leadership from 1992 to 2021. An avid fisherman, Steve serves as Governor of the Board at Eau Gallie Yacht Club and Committee Member of the Space Coast Coastal Conservation Association (CCA). He is also a large community contributor through TrinitY Group, his giving foundation, and owns Pineapples, a new restaurant in Melbourne, Florida.
Blue Origin’s NS-21 crew at apogee during its flight on June 4, 2022. Credit: Blue Origin

How to watch Blue Origin’s next New Shepard launch

Blue Origin usually live streams its New Shepard launches from Van Horne, Texas. Coverage begins before the customers arrive at the launch site and ends after the parachute landing with a short pin ceremony.

The stream is tailored toward potential customers and is used more as a sales technique. In contrast, SpaceX usually uses its streams, which are generally shorter unless NASA is involved, to educate the public on its rockets and as a sudo update on what the company is doing. Times for Blue Origin’s next New Shepard rocket launch should be shared closer to the launch date.

List of New Shepard launches

Mission NameLaunch DateNotes
NS-0October 19, 2015Pad abort test of the New Shepard capsule.
NS-1April 29, 2015First flight of the New Shepard rocket, booster crashed during landing.
NS-2November 23, 2015First New Shepard launch to 100 km and successful booster landing.
NS-3January 22, 2016Second New Shepard sub-orbital spaceflight, first with a reused booster.
NS-4April 2, 2016Third suborbital New Shepard spaceflight.
NS-5June 19, 2016First live webcast by Blue Origin.
NS-6October 5, 2016Successful test of the New Shepard’s in-flight abort system.
NS-7December 12, 2017First flight of the New Shepard Crew Capsule 2.0.
NS-8April 29, 2018The eight suborbital launch.
NS-9July 18, 2018Carried a mannequin and tested New Shepard’s in-flight abort system at high altitude.
NS-10January 23, 2019Flight of eight NASA research and technology payloads.
NS-11May 2, 2019Flew 38 microgravity research payloads.
NS-12December 11, 2019Besides commercial, government, and educational research projects, this mission flew postcards from Club for the Future.
NS-13October 13, 2020Twelve research payloads, including a NASA payload to study lunar landing for the Artemis program.
NS-14January 14, 2021First flight of RSS First Steps, first qualification flight for crewed missions.
NS-15April 14, 2021Pre-flight human passenger process test, four Blue Origin employees were loaded into the New Shepard before launch but did not fly.
NS-16July 20, 2021First crewed flight of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket, including first paying customer to fly:
– Jeff Bezos
– Mark Bezos
– Wally Funk
– Oliver Daemen
NS-17August 25, 2021Uncrewed, flew 18 research payloads, another NASA mission to test lunar landing, and an art installation outside the capsule.
NS-18October 13, 2021Second crewed flight of three customers and a Blue Origin employee:
– Chris Boshuizen
– Glen de Vries
– William Shatner
– Audrey Powers
NS-19December 11, 2021First crewed flight of six, four customers and two invited guests (Strahan and Churchley).
– Lane Bess
– Cameron Bess
– Evan Dick
– Laura Shepard Churchley
– Michael Strahan
– Dylan Taylor
NS-20March 31, 2022Fourth crewed New Shepard launch:
– Marty Allen
– Sharon Hagle
– Marc Hagle
– Jim Kitchen
– George Nield
– Gary Lai
NS-21June 4, 2022Fifth crewed New Shepard launch, first repeat customer:
– Evan Dick
– Katya Echazarreta
– Hamish Harding
– Victor Correa Hespanha
– Jaison Robinson
– Victor Vescovo
When is the next Blue Origin New Shepard rocket launch?

The next launch for Blue Origin’s suborbital New Shepard rocket is set for August 4, 2022. It will host a crew of six, including Coby Cotton from Dude Perfect, Mário Ferreira, Vanessa O’Brien, Clint Kelly III, Sara Sabry, and Steve Young.

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