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Austin Barnard

Austin Barnard | Special Projects Reporter at 9to5Mac & Space Explored

Austin Barnard has been a Special Projects Reporter for 9to5Mac and Space Explored since 2020. He also co-produces the 9to5Mac Happy Hour podcast with Seth Kurkowski on the 9to5Mac Podcast Network.

Austin is a prolific multimedia journalist based in South Texas. He also documents SpaceX’s expanding presence in Boca Chica and Brownsville where the company’s next-gen Starship rocket is being developed.

Follow Austin on Twitter: @austinbarnard45.

July 7

SpaceX has been building not one but two seafaring platforms on the Gulf Coast just a few hours from each other. One is SpaceX’s newest droneship, A Shortfall of Gravitas, and the other is the Starship sea launch platform named Phobos. Both of which have been worked on extensively over the last few months.

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May 29

The development of the launch infrastructure never ends in Starbase, Texas where a piece of Starship’s future orbital launch pad was just installed. Meanwhile, Starship SN15 seems to get ready to be moved back to the manufacturing facility.

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May 5

Today marks the 60th anniversary of Alan Shepard’s fateful flight, now today will mark another first. The first successful landing of a Starship vehicle by SpaceX.

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April 29

In a statement today, the FAA has approved a multi-launch license for SpaceX’s next 3 Starship prototype vehicles. With the soonest launch happening possibly this week.

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March 30

SpaceX launched its Starship SN11 prototype rocket early Tuesday morning in the fog of South Texas. Visibility was extremely low. For example, onlookers were not able to view the rocket on the pad from a distance this time. Despite the hope of a successful landing, Starship SN11 was not the first to reach that milestone for SpaceX.

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