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Virgin Galactic grounded, Firefly rocket launch failure and more Top Space Stories this week

By Derek Wise

September 5, 2021

One of SpaceX's new ships, Bob, arrived in Florida after having weathered Hurricane Ida in Louisiana.

Overall, there was minimal damage. One dome was missing and another damaged. The ship will undergo some work before traveling to Port Canaveral.

The twin ship, Doug, already arrived  in Port Canaveral.

The ships will recover fairings  from the water and support  droneship operations.

Firefly attempted the first launch of  their Alpha rocket on Thursday.

One of the four engines shut down  a few seconds into flight; resulting  in decreased power.

After going supersonic, the rocket lost stability and flipped end over end.

Firefly triggered the flight termination  system and the rocket was destroyed.

Virgin Galactic has been  grounded by the FAA this  week, pending the result  of an investigation.

The news came as we learned that VSS Unity flew outside the designated airspace for a minute at forty-one seconds during Richard Branson's highly advertised flight.

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