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Could Tesla's robot be used at SpaceX's Starship build site?

By Derek Wise

August 31, 2021

On August 19th, Tesla provided a first look at the new humanoid robot they are working on.

Image: Tesla

The robot is meant to take basic commands, and fit into the world made for humans.  Tesla's goal is to eliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks.

Image: Tesla

Before it can travel to far off planets, it will be used here on Earth, in places like SpaceX's Starship build site in Boca Chica, Texas.

Currently, SpaceX uses two Boston Dynamics robots to augment their work.

The robotic dogs can go into locations during testing or launches that would be unsafe for humans; while their many cameras provide useful information.

While a Tesla robot prototype is (optimistically) not expected till sometime next year, the robot could prove a useful addition to the South Texas Launch Site.

The human hands and arms could allow the robot to move and interact more easily with the tools already in place at the launch site.

Tesla's robot looks very different from other bipedal robots and whether their AI experience will be enough for them to catch up remains to be seen.

Image: Boston Dynamics

We wish Tesla and SpaceX success as they move to spread humanity beyond the Earth.