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New Cracks found on the International Space Station's Zarya Module

By Harry Stoltz

September 7, 2021

Russian Cosmonauts discovered the cracks on the International Space Station’s Zarya module.  Launched in 1998, Zarya is the oldest module on the ISS.

Image: NASA

Vladimir Solovyov, Russia’s space station flight director revealed the news on Monday to Russian state media outlet RIA.

Image: Roscosmos

Solovyov:  “Superficial fissures have been found in some places on the Zarya module.”   “This is bad and suggests that the fissures will begin to spread over time.”

Image: NASA

Translation: Reuters

Similar breaches have been found on the ISS before, including the 2-millimeter hole discovered in 2018 on a docked Soyuz spacecraft.

Image: NASA

As the ISS continues to age, breaches will undoubtedly become more common, and space station participants will be forced to reassess their commitment to the project.

Image: NASA

Russia has already stated that they will likely remain until 2024, with plans to build their own space station in the future

Image: U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences

The United States has proposed a smaller space station in orbit around the Moon for the Artemis Program, called the Lunar Gateway, which would begin construction around 2024.

Image: NASA