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SpaceX Starlink could help resolve government-controlled internet shutdowns

By Derek Wise

September 3, 2021

These outages can take the form of complete shutdowns, slower speeds, specific devices being blocked, or mass surveillance.

Image: NASA

The Taliban taking control over Afghanistan has raised more concerns about what the future holds for the region.

SpaceX's Starlink program uses thousands of satellites in low Earth orbit to provide internet connectivity around the globe.

Image: SpaceX

The internet signal could travel hundreds or thousands of miles before connecting to a user terminal in a rural location or country with internet restrictions.

Image: SpaceX

This could be useful in places like Afghanistan, where future Internet connectivity is in question. Elon Musk said on twitter that countries that don't like it can "shake their fist at the sky".

Elon Musk / Twitter

Without a ground station based in any country, that country has little control over SpaceX providing internet access to their citizens.

Image: SpaceX

Internet Access was declared a Human Right by the United Nations. This move by SpaceX will help bring access to a free and open internet to more people, whether their country wants them to have access to it or not.