Space Explored

Meet the engineer who won a dream sweepstakes to space

By Seth Kurkowski

September 12, 2021

Chris Sembroski is just your average American who has been in love with space all his life.

Image: SpaceX

 Sembroski is an engineer at Lockheed Martin, a former missleman in the US Air Force, and long-time space enthusiast.

Image: Inspiration4

He also was a Space Camp counselor. So when Sembrowski saw an opportunity to go to space and donate to a good cause, it was an obvious choice.

When selected for seat on the mission, he told Issacman that he was going to have to discuss it with his wife, who did not know he entered the sweepstake.

Image: Netflix

Chris represents the seat of Generosity as well as the dreams of many normal civilians with the dream of going to space.

Image: Inspiration4