SpaceX Stories November 27

SpaceX is on track to meet an exciting new milestone in Starship development this week. The team in South Texas will attempt the first high altitude test flight using a prototype version of the next-generation launch system as soon as Sunday.

The plan for Starship SN8 hardware, or Serial Number 8, is to launch, ascend 15 kilometers in the sky, and hopefully land. For perspective, SpaceX previously launched and landed its Starship SN6 prototype 150 meters high (twice). If successful, SN8 will fly 100 times further than SN6.

SN8 also looks a lot more like a finished Starship than SN6, and Space Explored will be on site in Texas this week to capture whatever happens.

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SpaceX Stories November 25

Starship SN8 has been out on the test stand for several months now down at SpaceX’s Starship test facility in Boca Chica, Texas. After several static fires and several engine replacements, it looks like SN8 could see flight as soon as next week.

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A couple of weeks ago, it was discovered that SpaceX was likely paying much more to manufacture Starlink user terminals than it was charging users. Now, it looks like Business Insider has confirmed this assumption.

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Commander Mike Hopkins sharing bunk inside SpaceX Crew Dragon cockpit with Baby Yoda

What’s a commander to do when there aren’t enough designated sleeping spots on the International Space Station? Bunk out in the docked SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule with Baby Yoda!

SpaceX successfully launched and deployed 60 internet satellites into orbit on Tuesday night from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The 16th Starlink mission adds to SpaceX’s growing constellation of internet satellites already powering its broadband service in parts of the US and Canada.

SpaceX also hit a number of milestones with its latest Falcon 9 rocket launch this week:

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SpaceX Stories November 24

SpaceX Starlink by the numbers [November 24, 2020]

November 24, 2020: SpaceX has successfully launched its next batch of Starlink satellites to orbit. This launch saw 60 Starlink satellites. Stats have been updated.

A new physics simulator app recently hit the Apple App Store, called “X-Plane: Starship.” The app allows users to pilot SpaceX’s new Starship on either Earth or Mars with incredibly realistic physics.

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SpaceX Stories November 23

SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket from its west coast launch site at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on Saturday. The mission included a scientific payload for NASA, NOAA, and ESA called Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich. “The spacecraft is named after Dr. Michael Freilich, the former director of NASA’s Earth Science Division and a tireless advocate for advancing satellite measurements of the ocean,” according to NASA.

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SpaceX Stories November 19

After its successful launch of the first operational crew mission for SpaceX, booster B1061 landed seemingly perfect on droneship Just Read The Instructions in the Atlantic Ocean. While it looked like a picture-perfect landing during the livestream, the booster was in a little less than perfect condition when it returned to Port Canaveral this morning.

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Part of the Expedition 64 conducted a news teleconference today from the International Space Station that was live on NASA TV. The conference included plenty of laughter, information, and microphone twirling.

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