SpaceX Super Heavy Booster 7 fires up 11 Raptor engines

At 2:42 pm ET (1:42 pm CT), SpaceX performed another static fire of their Super Heavy booster. This test was performed using 11 of the 33 Raptor 2 engines. These static fire tests are intended to test the booster and ground support equipment to prove the system’s readiness for a planned orbital flight test and many future missions supporting Starlink and eventually NASA’s Artemis Missions.

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NASA and SpaceX successfully send CRS-26 to the International Space Station

NASA and SpaceX teams successfully sent another Cargo Dragon spacecraft to the ISS on Saturday (November 26). The spacecraft is expected to remain at the Space Station for 45 days.

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When is the next SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch?

What do you get when you take three Falcon 9 boosters and strap them together? Well, a Falcon Heavy of course. The second most powerful rocket (just recently passed by NASA’s Space Launch System), SpaceX doesn’t get to launch it often, but when they do, everyone wants to see it. The next Falcon Heavy launch is scheduled for no earlier than January 2023 from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center.

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ESA introduces new class of Astronaut candidates

For the first time in 13 years, the European Space Agency has chosen a new class of astronauts. This group of 17 was chosen from a group of over 22,500 candidates and brings in five new career astronauts, 11 members of the astronaut reserve, and one astronaut with a disability as a member of the Parastronaut Feasibility Study.

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Display your message on the iPad flying around the Moon

That’s right! While Artemis 1 is an important mission for the return of humanity to the Moon, everyone back here on Earth has the opportunity to participate by sending messages to an iPad that resides within the Orion spacecraft. A camera will capture the message on the iPad within the capsule and share the recording, so while sending your message beyond the Moon you can spread it to other people here on Earth. And sending your message is really simple. Here’s how.

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See the damage SLS caused to NASA’s Mobile Launcher

NASA’s SLS rocket is the most powerful rocket the agency has every built. It should be no surprise that the two five-segment SRBs and four RS-25 engines left behind a bit of damage at the pad. Yesterday, NASA shared some of the first photos showing the Mobile Launcher, and the damage it sustained, up close.

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Watch NASA’s historic Artemis 1 launch in slow motion

While plenty of people on the space coast and around the world stayed up to watch the SLS rocket take flight for the very first time on the historic Artemis 1 launch, that 1:47 a.m. ET liftoff wasn’t ideal for those who wanted to catch some sleep. But we captured the launch of Artemis 1 in slow motion from the press site, so whether you missed liftoff when it happened or just want to relive the moment, you can do so.

Artemis 1 (and Snoopy) pass by the Moon

After launching last Wednesday, the Orion spacecraft has reached the Moon, with Snoopy as its zero-G indicator on board. This test flight around the Moon and back will prove the systems of the Orion spacecraft and the SLS rocket, allowing humans to step aboard the rocket the next time it launches ahead of our return to the Moon.

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Track Artemis 1 on its journey to the Moon and back

NASA’s Space Launch System rocket may have taken flight early Wednesday morning, but as with most missions, the rocket launch is only the start of it! The Orion spacecraft is on a journey to the Moon and back, proving all the systems ahead of humans stepping aboard the spacecraft on Artemis II. Here’s how you can follow with this historic mission and track Orion on its journey.

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NASA’s historic flight of Artemis 1 in photos

Artemis 1 is a historic mission, the first flight of the SLS rocket that will return humans to the Moon. For now, the SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft are uncrewed, as this test mission will fly around the Moon and prove the systems that will carry humans in a few years time.

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Artemis 1 has left the pad, this time under its own power

After years of delays and several frustrating launch attempts, Artemis 1 has launched and is on its way to the Moon. Finally, the planets aligned for NASA and the SLS rocket to take flight and wow onlookers who have waited for this moment for a very long time.

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Space Force’s top secret spaceplane returns from orbit after a 908-day mission

It seems to be a news story that takes place every couple of years, but early Saturday morning, sonic booms were heard across Florida Space Coast. Those rather iconic booms could only mean one thing, the arrival of NASA’s Space Shuttle or the Space Force’s classified X37-B spaceplane. Since all of NASA’s shuttles have been collecting dust in museums for the past decade, it must be that pesky X37-B.

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SpaceX President and COO Gwynne Shotwell is now in charge of Starship’s development

It sounds like SpaceX’s Starship program is getting another leadership change, and this time it’s a big one. SpaceX employee number 11, Gwynne Shotwell, the President and COO of the company, will now lead its development.

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ULA and NASA test inflatable heat shield on Atlas launch from California

Early November 10, ULA launched an Atlas V from Space Launch Complex 3 at Vandenberg Space Force Station. The mission carried JPSS-2 and an inflatable decelerator to prove the systems to and gather data on this unique type of heat shield.

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Northrop Grumman Cygnus spacecraft arrives at the space station – despite a failed solar panel

Early this morning, Northrop Grumman’s SS Sally Ride Cygnus spacecraft arrived at the International Space Station carrying 8,200 pounds of supplies for the seven crewmembers. However, the Cygnus is missing one of its now iconic circular solar panels due to an unknown failure.

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Artemis 1’s third launch attempt is in a week–unless the weather says otherwise

Currently, we’re at L-6 days to the next launch attempt of NASA’s maiden flight of the Space Launch System (SLS) with the Orion spacecraft on the Artemis 1 mission. A critical test flight for the launch systems, however, Florida is yet again under threat from another tropical storm.

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Starlink drops speed, introduces data cap with reduced speed, 1Mbps speeds for business after limit

SpaceX’s high-speed satellite internet service, Starlink, has changed a great deal from when it first came out. Starlink has seen reduced real-world speeds for a while as a result of the large number of customers, but now Starlink has changed its expected download speeds to much lower targets. Additionally, the company has introduced soft data-caps and the ability to pay for more priority access.

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SpaceX subsidiary Swarm joins Starlink website offering IOT connectivity

Things have pretty quiet since SpaceX acquired the IOT company Swarm last year. SpaceX’s exact plans for the company weren’t clear and the company continued operating (now with basically free launch cost), but the company’s low-speed IOT focused satellite network seemed like a good companion to Starlink. Now, the Starlink website has added a new IOT link to the Swarm website, where customers can buy an evaluation kit, modem, or asset tracker.

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Falcon Heavy flies again; Dual-booster landing from USSF-44 sends sonic booms across the space coast

Three years after its last flight, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy has returned to flight on this cloudy Florida morning. The primary payload of this launch is the classified USSF-44 satellite, with two other satellites co-manifested. The launch occurred on November 1 at 9:41 a.m. Eastern Time, successfully delivering the satellites to their targeted geosynchronous orbit.

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SpaceX reportedly dodged Starship accident during full stack test, Starlink chief now leading project

According to a report from The Information, SpaceX could be pushing its Starship production too fast, with safety concerns reported by employees during a recent full stack test. All this under the eyes of Starlink’s chief, now unofficially running the program.

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Amazon open to launching Project Kuiper satellites with SpaceX Falcon Heavy and Starship

Sometimes it’s good to be a competitor, and sometimes it’s nice to be a launch provider. SpaceX gets to be both and profit off its competitors. Amazon Senior Vice President Dave Limp said the company is also open to SpaceX’s capabilities to launch its Project Kuiper satellites.

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Vulcan inflatable heat shield test launching on Atlas V in early November

When spacecraft reenter, they need a heat shield to protect them from the immense friction and heat of speeding through the atmosphere. Usually, these are rigid structures, but ULA plans to use an inflatable heat shield to protect the engines of their Vulcan rocket and recover them for reuse. They’ll be testing out that type of heat shield next month.

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Elon Musk brings whole new meaning to ‘high speed’ satellite internet with vehicle-optimized Starlink terminal

One of the options Starlink customers have been waiting on, for quite a while, is the ability to use Starlink terminals while in motion. With Starlink Maritime the company released the ability to use the high-speed internet while in motion out at sea, but at last, there is an official option for customers who want to mount a Starlink terminal on top of their RV or other vehicles for in-motion use.

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OneWeb returns with first launch from India; mega-constellation over 70% complete

It’s not often that we discuss the launch of a mega constellation other than Starlink, but over the weekend, OneWeb became the first commercial launch on India’s largest rocket. This was also the company’s return to launching since it broke ties with Russia over the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

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OSHA case still open after SpaceX employee severely injured testing Raptor V2 last January

On February 23, 2022, an OSHA Inspection was opened after a SpaceX employee was injured during a test of the Raptor V2 engine. The incident left the employee in a coma for months. Though the incident resulted in a rather disastrous outcome, these hazards are not unknown or unusual for spaceflight testing.

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Crew-4 splashes down off the coast of Florida

After roughly six months aboard the International Space Station, the Crew-4 astronauts have returned to Earth, splashing down off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida on Friday, October 14.

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Astra gets delisting warning from NASDAQ after poor stock performance

It’s already been about a month since Astra’s closing price on NASDAQ went below the $1 limit, which triggers some issues with the powers that be in New York. Since then, the stock price has continued to decrease in value as failed launches have led the company to shift to a new rocket design.

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SpaceX shares stellar video of Jellyfish effect from droneship

During select rocket launches, when the sun has just set below the horizon or has yet to rise, a unique phenomenon can occur – known by space fans as a jellyfish. This occurs when the exhaust in the high atmosphere is illuminated by the sun, but viewed from darkness.

SpaceX announces crew members for second Starship flight around the Moon

SpaceX is still a long way away from putting crew on their Starship rocket and launching it into space, but the company just announced the first two people who will be joining the company’s second spaceflight around the Moon.

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Ariane 6 second stage comes to life in first hot fire test

Arianespace is making great strides in the push to launch the Ariane 6. In a recent blog post, they shared a video of a test firing of the second stage.

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That time when NASA became experts in *checks notes* Maritime Salvage Law

“‘Twas a dark and very stormy night, November 14-15, 1994…” is how the legal brief begins its description of events that led to the largest maritime salvage operation at the time. Space shuttle external tank 70 (ET-70) was aboard the barge Poseidon when Tropical Storm Gordon decided to make this trip from New Orleans to Cape Canaveral anything but ordinary.

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Rocket Lab continues its steady launch pace with “It Argos Up From Here”

Rocket Lab just completed its 8th successful launch of the year. “It Argos Up From Here” saw their Electron rocket put ARGOS-4 into orbit for the NOAA.

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Watch NASA and SpaceX’s Crew 5 launch in slow motion [Video]

On Wednesday October 5, SpaceX and NASA launched another operational Crew mission to the International Space Station. This mission was particularly notable for being SpaceX’s first Crew Dragon mission to carry a Russian Cosmonaut.

Pictures of SpaceX Crew-5 launch to the ISS [Update] And video!

On October 5, SpaceX launched its fifth operational flight of its Crewed Dragon for NASA. Launching four astronauts to the station for a six month stay on the station. Here or photos from our team of the launch of SpaceX Crew-5.

SpaceX Crew-5 launches to space carrying Dragon’s first Russian cosmonaut

Uneventful is the best way to describe it, and that’s what we’ve come to expect from SpaceX missions. Under beautiful skies and wonderful temperatures, SpaceX launched the Crew 5 mission to the International Space Station. Aboard the capsule Endurance, the crew includes Commander Nicole Mann and Josh Cassada of NASA, Koichi Wakata of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and Anna Kikina of Roscosmos, the only female cosmonaut and the first Russian to fly from the US in a renewed seat exchange program.

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Launch Spotlight: SES 20 & 21 – ULA’s Atlas V set to launch two TV broadcasting satellites

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V 531 is set to launch the SES 20 and 21 satellites at 5:36 p.m. EDT on October 4, 2022. These two satellites will be operated by SES of Luxembourg and provide TV broadcasting service across the continental United States.

Launch Spotlight: SpaceX Crew-5 – First Dragon launch with Russian Cosmonaut set for flight

SpaceX is set to launch a Falcon 9 from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on October 5, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. EDT. This launch will carry four astronauts, two NASA, one JAXA, and one Roscosmos to the International Space Station for Expedition 69.

SpaceX and NASA to study Polaris Program Hubble mission

In a press conference Thursday, NASA announced it is looking into the possibility of partnering with SpaceX to boost the legendary Hubble Space Telescope into a more stable orbit – something many people joked about but didn’t think would ever be real.

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NASA investigated water degradation in Crew-4’s heat shield, found okay to fly

Towards the start of this year, NASA’s Engineering and Safety Center assessed the previously flown Dragon Capsule heat shield structure for potential corrosion damage ahead of its flight on Crew-4. They found that corrosion degradation would occur up until launch, but signed off on the reuse of the structure.

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Artemis 1 rocket to rollback to Vehicle Assemble Building ahead of Hurricane Ian’s arrival

After delaying the decision several times, NASA managers finally gave the okay to roll Artemis 1’s massive SLS rocket back to the protection of the Vehicle Assembly Building before damaging winds from Hurricane Ian arrive.

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NASA Administrator throws shade at Boeing for being ‘still on the ground’

In an interview with Newsweek, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson made a rather interesting comment about the agency’s two Commerical Crew partners’ progress. The once anti-commerical Senator praised SpaceX for its progress and threw shade at Boeing for still not completing its test flights.

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When is the next Blue Origin New Shepard rocket launch?

Since 2015 Blue Origin has been launching its New Shepard suborbital rocket from its facility in Van Horne, Texas. Additionally, in 2021 Blue Origin began launching paying customers atop its rocket for a 10-minute joy ride. The next launch of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket, this time without crew is set for September 12 at 8:30 a.m. CDT. [Launch failure, read more here]

Blue Origin aborts uncrewed launch mid-flight

On Blue Origin’s 23rd flight of New Shepard, NS-23, the uncrewed capsule ignited its abort system to get clear from the New Shepard rocket as flame appeared around the rocket main engine as the rocket crossed 28,000 feet.

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Here’s why NASA is crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid later this month

In what could be straight out of a sci-fi film, NASA is gearing up to deliberately crash a spacecraft into a moonlet of a near-Earth asteroid in an attempt to change its motion and, ultimately, direction through space. Read on as I break down how this could not only be NASA’s but humanity’s most crucial experiment yet.

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iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via satellite feature to be powered by Globalstar

Apple announced its new iPhone 14 phones today with the long-rumored feature of satellite connectivity when using Emergency SOS. This service will be powered by the long-time satellite service provider Globalstar.

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Watch the first launch of NASA’s SLS Moon rocket on Artemis 1

After years of waiting, the first launch of NASA’s new moon rocket, which will bring humans to the Moon for the first time since the Apollo program, is finally approaching. At the start of September, NASA’s most powerful rocket to ever fly will lift off from the Florida Space Coast, kicking off a new era of spaceflight.

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NASA’s unwinnable Artemis 1 choice: Another wet dress rehearsal or launch

Monday’s high-profile scrub of the Artemis 1 launch had caused division within the launch media community. The decision to go through with a launch attempt versus completing a full wet dress rehearsal has some attacking NASA for wasting time and resources.

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SpaceX plans for 100 launches come 2023, currently at 39 launches for 2022

Last night SpaceX launched its 39th Falcon 9 of 2022 from Vandenberg Space Force Base to deploy another 46 Starlink satellites. The company has already shattered records for the past few years, but it wants to push harder, hoping for 100 launches in 2023 per its CEO, Elon Musk.

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