SpaceX and NASA to study Polaris Program Hubble mission

spacex dragon and Hubble telescope

In a press conference Thursday, NASA announced it is looking into the possibility of partnering with SpaceX to boost the legendary Hubble Space Telescope into a more stable orbit – something many people joked about but didn’t think would ever be real.

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Hubble vs JWST: How James Webb telescope’s first images stack up to the legend

Many of the first images released by NASA’s new James Webb Space Telescope have been retakes of locations Hubble previously captured. This comparison of Hubble versus JWST photos shows just how far we have come.

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[UPDATE: Science systems online] Hubble Space Telescope: Out of Order, not anymore

Update: NASA released a post on social media that stated the science instrument are not back online. Also, science data is being collected once again.

The historic Hubble Space Telescope has been out of commission since June 13th, when an onboard computer error caused the system to halt. Teams at NASA have been working to diagnose and develop plans to restore the telescope to operation.

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‘Dark Spot Jr’ vortex on Neptune adds mystery to the planet’s under studied icy storms

Astronomers have observed a new dark spot on Neptune that’s affectionately being called Dark Spot Jr. While the Hubble Space Telescope-observed transient dark spot may be adorable from afar, The New York Times describes the treacherous nature of Neptune’s latest mini storm viewed from space.

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