Pictures of SpaceX Crew-5 launch to the ISS

On October 5, SpaceX launched its fifth operational flight of its Crewed Dragon for NASA. Launching four astronauts to the station for a six month stay on the station. Here or photos from our team of the launch of SpaceX Crew-5.

How many people are in space right now?

The International Space Station is designed to always be crewed by cosmonauts and astronauts. For this reason, women and men have been living and working in space constantly since the first Expedition mission in the year 2000. So how many people are in space right now?

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SpaceX Crew-5 launches to space carrying Dragon’s first Russian cosmonaut

Uneventful is the best way to describe it, and what we’ve come to expect from SpaceX missions. Under beautiful skies and wonderful temperatures, SpaceX launched the Crew 5 mission to the International Space Station. Aboard the capsule Endurance, the crew includes Commander Nicole Mann and Josh Cassada of NASA, Koichi Wakata of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and Anna Kikina of Roscosmos, the only female cosmonaut and the first Russian to fly from the US in a renewed seat exchange program.

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Space Explored Podcast 50: SpaceX and Hubble, Artemis 1 to November, more

This week Seth and Jared discuss SpaceX’s study to save Hubble, of course our update on the Artemis 1 mission (that we swear will end someday) and some surprisingly nice comments by Russia’s new space chief. The hot takes this week are about Tesla’s AI robot and the FCC taking on space debris.


Launch Spotlight: SES 20 & 21 – ULA’s Atlas V set to launch two TV broadcasting satellites

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V 531 is set to launch the SES 20 and 21 satellites at 5:36 p.m. EDT on October 4, 2022. These two satellites will be operated by SES of Luxembourg and provide TV broadcasting service across the continental United States.

Launch Spotlight: SpaceX Crew-5 – First Dragon launch with Russian Cosmonaut set for flight

SpaceX is set to launch a Falcon 9 from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on October 5, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. EDT. This launch will carry four astronauts, two NASA, one JAXA, and one Roscosmos to the International Space Station for Expedition 69.

The curious case of Curiosity’s cracked wheels

For any given Mars rover, there are three major and newsworthy events in its life: launch, landing, and discovery. Aside from those times, hardly anyone is paying attention to the myriad of images being sent back on a non-stop basis. Only the most hardcore Mars nerds or those who operate the rovers will see them. Or, anyone who follows a Twitter bot that automatically tweets the pictures. It’s thanks to this bot that word is getting out about Curiosity’s cracked wheels.

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SpaceX and NASA to study Polaris Program Hubble mission

In a press conference Thursday, NASA announced it is looking into the possibility of partnering with SpaceX to boost the legendary Hubble Space Telescope into a more stable orbit – something many people joked about but didn’t think would ever be real.

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How iPhone 14’s satellite-based emergency SOS compares to T-Mobile/SpaceX Starlink solution

At their Far Out event, Apple announced that satellite connectivity will be available on the iPhone 14 lineup. But a few weeks earlier, SpaceX and T-Mobile made an announcement that they will be bringing satellite-based connectivity to basically any 5G phone. So, how do these two services compare, is one better than the other, and should it affect your decision on which phone to go with?

Space Explored Podcast 49: DART hits an asteroid, Artemis 1 rolls back, more

This week Seth and Jared discuss NASA’s “Hollywood moment,” by crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid all in the name of science! Also, Artemis 1 is still on the pad, with weather predictions worsening for NASA.


NASA’s Dart spacecraft successfully smashes into asteroid in the name of planetary defense

Monday evening, NASA’s DART mission finished its goal by smacking full speed into a little asteroid moonlet called Dimorphos. This mission has one goal: prepare humanity incase a killer asteroid is found.

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Google Search easter egg for ‘DART’ parodies NASA’s asteroid collision test

The latest easter egg in Google Search has a bit of fun with NASA’s recent “DART” experiment by having a spacecraft collide with your search results.

Watch live as NASA’s DART spacecraft crashes into an asteroid on Monday

Today, NASA will deliberately crash a spacecraft into a near-Earth asteroid to try and change its motion and direction through space. A first-of-its-kind maneuver. Here’s how you can watch it live.

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NASA investigated water degradation in Crew-4’s heat shield, found okay to fly

Towards the start of this year, NASA’s Engineering and Safety Center assessed the previously flown Dragon Capsule heat shield structure for potential corrosion damage ahead of its flight on Crew-4. They found that corrosion degradation would occur up until launch, but signed off on the reuse of the structure.

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Jupiter will soon make its closest approach to Earth in 59 years

Soon, Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, will make its closest approach to Earth in nearly six decades. The gas giant, which is about 600 million miles (965.6 million kilometers) away at its furthest, will rise at almost half that Monday night.

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Artemis 1 rocket to rollback to Vehicle Assemble Building ahead of Hurricane Ian’s arrival

After delaying the decision several times, NASA managers finally gave the okay to roll Artemis 1’s massive SLS rocket back to the protection of the Vehicle Assembly Building before damaging winds from Hurricane Ian arrive.

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Space Explored Podcast 48: Space Coast weather is getting rough, more

This week Seth and Jared dive into the weather that has been and will affect Space Coast launches, especially now that we get into the thick of hurricane season. Starship is back in the news with a record-breaking static fire and organic material found on Mars?


NASA’s Insight lander captures sound of meteorites hitting Mars

Unlike Earth, Mars has a relatively thin atmosphere. This makes the planet far more vulnerable to meteorite strikes. In newly released audio from NASA, the Insight lander picks up the vibrations and sounds of four meteoroids striking the planet’s surface.

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NASA Administrator throws shade at Boeing for being ‘still on the ground’

In an interview with Newsweek, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson made a rather interesting comment about the agency’s two Commerical Crew partners’ progress. The once anti-commerical Senator praised SpaceX for its progress and threw shade at Boeing for still not completing its test flights.

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Solar panels launched into space may soon send power back to Earth

LONGi Green Energy, the world’s largest solar company, is going to launch solar panels into space to test whether they can successfully work in orbit and transmit power back to Earth.

Perseverance rover finds organic matter in rock samples on Mars

Earlier today, NASA briefed the public on the Perseverance rover’s current status on Mars, discussed highlights from the mission so far, and announced the discovery of organic molecules that could be associated with life. But this discovery comes with an 82 million-mile caveat.

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SpaceX’s Starlink expands to all seven continents with terminal at Antarctica research station

Since SpaceX launched its Starlink service in a “better than nothing Beta” in late 2020, it has been connecting people around the globe who may have previously had limited access to high-speed internet. Now, the satellite service is connecting people on all seven continents, as an Antarctica research station just deployed a user terminal.

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Space Explored Podcast 47: Blue Origin launch aborts, new Artemis 1 details, more

This week, Seth and Jared discuss what happened during Blue Origin’s mid-flight abort, the new Artemis 1 launch date, and more space news.

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How many exoplanets have been discovered?

NASA estimates that the Milky Way Galaxy is home to at least 100 billion planets. Others believe it could be anywhere from 200-300 billion. Using data from exoplanet-hunting missions such as Kepler, Gaia, and now James Webb, we can identify and confirm their existence. So, how many exoplanets have been discovered?

Google and NASA team up to show the solar system in AR and add new historical details

Google and NASA are hoping to inspire the next generation of space explorers with an updated collection of AR-ready 3D models that include new historical annotations.

When is the next Blue Origin New Shepard rocket launch?

Since 2015 Blue Origin has been launching its New Shepard suborbital rocket from its facility in Van Horne, Texas. Additionally, in 2021 Blue Origin began launching paying customers atop its rocket for a 10-minute joy ride. The next launch of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket, this time without crew is set for September 12 at 8:30 a.m. CDT. [Launch failure, read more here]

Blue Origin aborts uncrewed launch mid-flight

On Blue Origin’s 23rd flight of New Shepard, NS-23, the uncrewed capsule ignited its abort system to get clear from the New Shepard rocket as flame appeared around the rocket main engine as the rocket crossed 28,000 feet.

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Elon Musk teases ‘promising’ talks with Apple for iPhone 14 satellite tech and Starlink

Apple unveiled its all-new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro during yesterday’s event with some big upgrades to display tech, cameras, and more. One of the biggest changes, however, is the addition of satellite connectivity.

As it stands right now, Apple is working with Globalstar on this feature, but Elon Musk said that he’s also had “promising conversations” with Apple about a potential Starlink deal.

Here’s why NASA is crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid later this month

In what could be straight out of a sci-fi film, NASA is gearing up to deliberately crash a spacecraft into a moonlet of a near-Earth asteroid in an attempt to change its motion and, ultimately, direction through space. Read on as I break down how this could not only be NASA’s but humanity’s most crucial experiment yet.

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Space Explored Podcast 46: Artemis 1 delayed for a few weeks and more

Seth and Jared discuss why Artemis 1 scrubbed on its second launch attempt and why it will be a longer delay this time. Also, SpaceX is gaining more ISS crew rotation flights and a new contract with Rocket Lab.


iPhone 14 satellite connectivity, here’s how you can use it

Apple finally announced the iPhone 14 lineup at its “Far out” event. Among all the new features, such as new cameras and faster chips, both iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro support satellite connectivity for the first time. Read on as we detail how it works and how iPhone 14 users can benefit from this feature.

iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via satellite feature to be powered by Globalstar

Apple announced its new iPhone 14 phones today with the long-rumored feature of satellite connectivity when using Emergency SOS. This service will be powered by the long-time satellite service provider Globalstar.

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Why NASA delayed Artemis 1 launch (again) and what happens next

To say we are disappointed with the outcome of today’s launch attempt would be an understatement. With the development of an unmanageable leak on a hydrogen quick disconnect, Artemis 1 is unable to launch this window, pushing back NASA’s Moon mission at least a few weeks.

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Watch the first launch of NASA’s SLS Moon rocket on Artemis 1

After years of waiting, the first launch of NASA’s new moon rocket, which will bring humans to the Moon for the first time since the Apollo program, is finally approaching. At the start of September, NASA’s most powerful rocket to ever fly will lift off from the Florida Space Coast, kicking off a new era of spaceflight.

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NASA’s unwinnable Artemis 1 choice: Another wet dress rehearsal or launch

Monday’s high-profile scrub of the Artemis 1 launch had caused division within the launch media community. The decision to go through with a launch attempt versus completing a full wet dress rehearsal has some attacking NASA for wasting time and resources.

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SpaceX plans for 100 launches come 2023, currently at 39 launches for 2022

Last night SpaceX launched its 39th Falcon 9 of 2022 from Vandenberg Space Force Base to deploy another 46 Starlink satellites. The company has already shattered records for the past few years, but it wants to push harder, hoping for 100 launches in 2023 per its CEO, Elon Musk.

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Space Explored Podcast 45: Artemis 1 update, ABL Space and Firefly launches next month

Seth and Jared discuss what happened during the launch countdown of Artemis 1 and what NASA is doing to hopefully launch again on Friday. Also, they talk about how we can see two new companies start launch operations in September.


Artemis 1 next launch attempt moves to Saturday

In a press briefing Tuesday, NASA managers announced that September 3 would be the next launch attempt of the Artemis 1 mission. The managers also discussed what the team is doing to resolve the problems found during Monday morning’s countdown.

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When will NASA try to launch Artemis 1 again?

On August 29, NASA worked its way through the countdown for the first launch attempt of the SLS rocket with the Artemis 1 mission. A few issues delayed the count, and ultimately led to the teams scrubbing the launch. So when will NASA attempt to launch their most powerful rocket?

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Artemis 1 scrubs due to engine issue on SLS Core Stage

While the hype was real for today’s historic launch attempt of Artemis 1, today was just not the day. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know the severity of the issues that eventually put the nail in the coffin for today’s launch, but we should hopefully know soon.

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Maxar Satellite captures photos of NASA’s Artemis 1 SLS rocket ready for launch

Maxar Technologies (purveyors and publishers of nearly unbelievably detailed satellite photography of earth) has released satellite photos of the NASA Artemis 1 Mission SLS Rocket sitting on the launchpad of Launch Complex 39B ready to go for liftoff early next week (Monday, August 29th as currently scheduled). See the images below they just tweeted out from their Twitter account.

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Direct-to-satellite Starlink coming to Tesla vehicles, but not in the way you’d expect

At a joint event between SpaceX and T-Mobile, the two companies announced that they will be launching a direct-to-phone connection with Starlink Gen 2 satellites. Elon Musk took to Twitter soon after to confirm that this same connection will allow direct connections with Tesla vehicles.

Falcon 9 may launch ‘interim’ satellites ahead of Gen 2 Starlink if Starship delays worsen

At SpaceX and T-Mobile’s joint event, Elon Musk provided a bit more insight into the upgrades coming to Starlink with the Gen 2 satellites. While the main new information revealed how the companies are working to bring direct satellite connection to cell phones, he also commented on recent information about a smaller Gen 2 Starlink.

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SpaceX & T-Mobile to bring direct satellite connection to cellphones with ‘Coverage Above and Beyond’

Yesterday, SpaceX and T-Mobile announced they would be holding a big event. With Musk hyping up the event as “something special” and “big news,” speculation was rife on Twitter with guesses as to what the big announcement could be. Now, it is clear that the announcement lives up to those expectations, as T-Mobile and Starlink announced Coverage Above & Beyond – a direct Starlink connection to existing phones that will bring cellular connectivity anywhere in the world, regardless of how close you are to any cell tower.

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Astra’s stock continues to plummet after Rocket 3’s discontinuation

Just over a year ago, Astra went public on the Nasdaq Global Select Market, closing at $12.90 on its first day. Astra’s stock price has since plummeted to less than $1, starting a clock before it could be moved off the Nasdaq.

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Space Explored Podcast 44: Artemis I on the horizon

This week Seth and Jared discuss everything, and probably more, that you need to know about Artemis I. From where to view the launch, the mission objectives, and more, you’ll be ready for when launch coverage begins this weekend.


See rings, moons, and even auroras in Webb’s latest image of Jupiter

Hey, remember that giant telescope that launched on Christmas and blew our minds with awesome galaxy photos? Well, it’s back. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope shared its official images of the king of gas giants, Jupiter. The Webb telescope continues to blow our minds with every new picture release.

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Starlink and 5G joining forces? SpaceX and T-Mobile holding Starbase event Thursday

SpaceX and T-Mobile just announced a press conference that will take place tomorrow evening at 8 p.m. ET from SpaceX’s Texas development site Starbase. SpaceX said the purpose of the conference is to “announce plans to increase connectivity” without providing any other details.

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