Mars 2020 Stories May 21

NASA JPL hosts talk discussing cameras on Mars

Marc Razze and Brian White from the Public Services Office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory yesterday hosted a live online talk about the cameras in space.

Mars 2020 Stories April 30

Earlier this morning Ingenuity took off for the fourth and most daring flight of its campaign. It took several hours for flight data to be received by the JPL team but all signs look that it was a successful flight.

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Mars 2020 Stories April 29

Artist's concept of Ingenuity in flight. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
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NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter has wowed us from Earth with its first flights over the Red Planet. After just 3 flights the tech demo has completed all of its test objectives and will now push the envelope for what it can do.

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Mars 2020 Stories April 28

Mars Helicopter Ingenuity completed its third flight on Sunday. Images and video have been arriving back on Earth since then, and on Tuesday a notable image arrived.

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Mars 2020 Stories April 22

After the success of its first flight at the beginning of this week, Ingenuity took its second flight early this morning. This flight pushed the tech demo to do more challenging tasks as they step through their testing campaign this month.

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Mars 2020 Stories April 21

Tomorrow, April 22nd, Mars Helicopter Ingenuity will be making its second flight.

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Mars 2020 Stories April 20

Early Monday morning NASA’s Ingenuity took its first flight into the Martian atmosphere. This marks the first powered flight on another planet 118 years after the Wright brothers took their first flight here on Earth. You can celebrate the occasion by building your own Ingenuity out of LEGOs!

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Mars 2020 Stories April 19

After the announcement of the first successful flight of NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter people have taken to social media to share their excitement, including companies and celebrities.

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On a livestream from mission control early this morning, the Ingenuity team received the very first data confirming the successful flight of Mars Helicopter Ingenuity.

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Mars 2020 Stories April 18

[Video] ‘Get to the Choppa!’ Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks on Mars Helicopter Ingenuity

Mars helicopter Ingenuity is in preparation for flight early tomorrow. As the first powered and controlled flight on Mars, the small helicopter Ingenuity will pave the way for a new future in planetary exploration.

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