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NASA investigated water degradation in Crew-4’s heat shield, found okay to fly

crew 4 dragon heat shield degradation

Towards the start of this year, NASA’s Engineering and Safety Center assessed the previously flown Dragon Capsule heat shield structure for potential corrosion damage ahead of its flight on Crew-4. They found that corrosion degradation would occur up until launch, but signed off on the reuse of the structure.

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SpaceX’s Starlink expands to all seven continents with terminal at Antarctica research station

Since SpaceX launched its Starlink service in a “better than nothing Beta” in late 2020, it has been connecting people around the globe who may have previously had limited access to high-speed internet. Now, the satellite service is connecting people on all seven continents, as an Antarctica research station just deployed a user terminal.

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Blue Origin aborts uncrewed launch mid-flight

On Blue Origin’s 23rd flight of New Shepard, NS-23, the uncrewed capsule ignited its abort system to get clear from the New Shepard rocket as flame appeared around the rocket main engine as the rocket crossed 28,000 feet.

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Watch the first launch of NASA’s SLS Moon rocket on Artemis 1

After years of waiting, the first launch of NASA’s new moon rocket, which will bring humans to the Moon for the first time since the Apollo program, is finally approaching. At the start of September, NASA’s most powerful rocket to ever fly will lift off from the Florida Space Coast, kicking off a new era of spaceflight.

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When will NASA try to launch Artemis 1 again?

On August 29, NASA worked its way through the countdown for the first launch attempt of the SLS rocket with the Artemis 1 mission. A few issues delayed the count, and ultimately led to the teams scrubbing the launch. So when will NASA attempt to launch their most powerful rocket?

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Direct-to-satellite Starlink coming to Tesla vehicles, but not in the way you’d expect

At a joint event between SpaceX and T-Mobile, the two companies announced that they will be launching a direct-to-phone connection with Starlink Gen 2 satellites. Elon Musk took to Twitter soon after to confirm that this same connection will allow direct connections with Tesla vehicles.

Falcon 9 may launch ‘interim’ satellites ahead of Gen 2 Starlink if Starship delays worsen

At SpaceX and T-Mobile’s joint event, Elon Musk provided a bit more insight into the upgrades coming to Starlink with the Gen 2 satellites. While the main new information revealed how the companies are working to bring direct satellite connection to cell phones, he also commented on recent information about a smaller Gen 2 Starlink.

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SpaceX & T-Mobile to bring direct satellite connection to cellphones with ‘Coverage Above and Beyond’

Yesterday, SpaceX and T-Mobile announced they would be holding a big event. With Musk hyping up the event as “something special” and “big news,” speculation was rife on Twitter with guesses as to what the big announcement could be. Now, it is clear that the announcement lives up to those expectations, as T-Mobile and Starlink announced Coverage Above & Beyond – a direct Starlink connection to existing phones that will bring cellular connectivity anywhere in the world, regardless of how close you are to any cell tower.

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Starlink and 5G joining forces? SpaceX and T-Mobile holding Starbase event Thursday

SpaceX and T-Mobile just announced a press conference that will take place tomorrow evening at 8 p.m. ET from SpaceX’s Texas development site Starbase. SpaceX said the purpose of the conference is to “announce plans to increase connectivity” without providing any other details.

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Artemis 1 SLS rocket on the pad ahead of launch [Gallery]

After years of work, SLS sits on LC-39B ahead of its maiden flight on Artemis 1. The launch, set for the morning of August 29, will certainly be beautiful, but the rocket has already provided some brilliant views on its journey to the launch pad.

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SpaceX Dragon capsule splashes down off the coast of Florida

On Saturday afternoon, one of SpaceX’s Cargo Dragon capsules splashed down off the coast of Florida after a month-long stay at the International Space Station.

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Here’s where NASA astronauts will land on the Moon in just a few years

Humans have not set foot on the Moon since Apollo 17 in 1972. In just a few short years, that will change. As the Artemis I mission nears with the first launch of SLS, NASA has announced candidate locations for the human landing on the Moon that will come with Artemis III.

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SpaceX Dragon capsule departs the ISS following CRS-25 mission

Yet another SpaceX Dragon capsule has completed its trip to the International Space Station for CRS-25, and now the autonomous spacecraft is on its way back to Earth.

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Watch NASA’s SLS Moon rocket roll to the launchpad for Artemis 1

Today, NASA’s latest Moon rocket, SLS, will be rolling to the launchpad. After the sun sets, the crawler will begin to carry the rocket over out to LC-39B, and the rocket is scheduled to launch for the Artemis I on the morning of August 29 for an uncrewed flight around the Moon.

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SLS rollout moves forward ahead of Artemis 1 launch

The launch of Artemis I has been a long-anticipated (and delayed) event. At last, the rocket is nearing its launch. With barely more than two weeks until the planned launch, the rocket is now set to head for the launchpad on Tuesday evening.

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Watch Cape Canaveral’s first two rocket launch day since Neil Armstrong’s first spaceflight

While Cape Canaveral is no stranger to a high launch cadence, last week the Cape saw something it hasn’t seen in decades – two launches on the same day. On the early morning of August 4, ULA launched SBIRS GEO-6, then in the evening, SpaceX launched KPLO.

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Tesla owners’ photos are launching with SpaceX: Everything you should know about the mission

Back when Tesla still had its vehicle referral program, one of the perks was the ability to launch a photo to space with another one of Elon Musk’s company’s – SpaceX. Now, for many of the Tesla owners who have waited years, that time has actually come. Tomorrow, as SpaceX launches a Moon-bound South Korean satellite, many Tesla customers will have their photos tag along. Here’s everything you should know about the launch.

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SpaceX makes renewed effort to protect the night sky

SpaceX just released a new paper detailing how the company is reducing the brightness of its Starlink Gen 2 satellites. As a part of their effort to protect the night sky, they will also be offering the reflective film they developed to other satellite manufacturers at cost.

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Space junk, believed to be from Crew-1’s trunk, crash lands in Australia sheep farm

A farmer in New South Wales, Australia, made an unusual discovery on his sheep farm after two large pieces of space debris and several smaller ones crashed down the Earth. The debris seems to have come from the trunk of Crew-1’s Dragon Capsule.

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NASA tests Canoo Astronaut transport vehicles at KSC

Back in April, NASA chose Canoo to build the electric vehicles that will bring astronauts to the launchpad for the Artemis program. Since then, Canoo and NASA have brought the vehicles around Kennedy Space Center, from the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout building to the launchpad that will return astronauts to the Moon.

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Russia leaving International Space Station after 2024

Just after becoming the chief of Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov said on Tuesday that the country has decided to withdraw from the International Space Station after 2024.

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First batch of pictures from James Webb Space Telescope released

Yesterday, the very first full-color image from the James Webb Space Telescope was released during an event at the White House. Now, the full set of initial images has been released, with the next generation observatory looking back in time at five different cosmic targets.

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SpaceX launches first mobile Starlink offering for boats (non-millionaires need not apply)

SpaceX just launched Maritime Starlink, which will offer high-speed internet at any point across the oceans – but you better be a millionaire if you hope to afford it.

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Mobile Starlink could be around the corner following FCC approval

Customers and fans have been asking SpaceX for a mobile version of their Starlink internet service for a while, with some even finding their own solutions. Now that the FCC has approved in-motion Starlink use, a mobile-optimized version of the Starlink service could be on the way.

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First woman launches to space | This Day in Space (16 June 1963)

The first woman to ever fly in space was cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. She launched to space on June 16, 1963, and orbited the Earth for 2 days, 22 hours, and 50 minutes.

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SpaceX launches ‘Starlink for RVs,’ in-motion use still not allowed

SpaceX just launched a new plan for mobile internet access, Starlink for RVs. The plan costs $135/month and ships immediately.

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NASA comment on SpaceX Dragon heat shield [Update]

NASA has since responded, contradicting our reporting. NASA’s full comment below.

SpaceX’s Dragon capsule has been very successful since its first crewed launch on Demo-2. While reuse is paramount to SpaceX’s mission, the Dragon capsule heat shield has started to cause issues once again that could put astronauts at risk. 

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Watch Boeing’s Starliner dock with the International Space Station

At last, Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft is poised to dock with the International Space Station. It’s been a long journey, with many setbacks, but the teams seem ready for Boeing’s capsule to join the orbiting laboratory for the first time.

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Space Coast Air Show: F-22, E/A-18 Growler, & more take to the sky this weekend

We’ve seen two different rockets take to the skies from the Space Coast this week, and now a number of planes will be doing the same for the Space Coast International Air show.

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OFT-2 launch pictures: See Boeing’s Starliner launch to the ISS

Yesterday, ULA launched an Atlas V rocket from SLC-41 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. The rocket carried Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner capsule towards the International Space Station for an uncrewed test flight. Check out the Space Explored team’s picture gallery of OFT-2:

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UFOs’ threat to national security must be investigated and mitigated, says House representative

On Tuesday, a House subcommittee held a meeting discussing UFOs, as well as the potential national security threat they pose.

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Miss the Lunar Eclipse? Here’s our Blood Moon photo gallery

Last night, all the necessary celestial bodies aligned to create a rather rare total lunar eclipse. With the normal light blocked by the Earth, the Moon turns a red color, earning it the name Blood Moon.

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Astra unveils Rocket 4: Its next, larger rocket launching NET Q4 2022

At Astra’s Spacetech Day 2022, it unveiled a first look at Rocket 4, the company’s new, larger rocket which is set to have its first test launch later this year.

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Orbex unveils full-scale biofuel-powered rocket, set to launch from carbon-neutral launch site

On Wednesday, May 11, Orbex Space unveiled its first full-scale micro-satellite launching rocket prototype on the launch pad at its Scotland launch site.

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Watch Rocket Lab catch (and then drop) an Electron rocket first stage [Video]

Rocket Lab attempted an air recovery of the first stage of its Electron rocket during the recent “There and Back Again” mission. The company just released new video of the mission, including video from the rocket during the catch.

Two NYC public school teachers will fly to space with Blue Origin

Robin Hood holds an annual benefit to fight against poverty in New York City, and as a result of that auction, two New York City public school teachers will be getting a ride to space on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket.

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Blue Origin gains a repeat passenger, ‘Crypto Space Agency’ buys a seat to space on company’s 5th crewed spaceflight

While Richard Branson may have won the ‘billionaire space race‘ in one way, the fact that Virgin Galactic hasn’t flown since makes it clear that the real winners here are Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Looking toward Blue Origin’s fifth crewed spaceflight, the company will have a repeat passenger, as Evan Dick is set to take the joyride to space and back once again after his first flight late last year.

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Crew-3 safely returns to Earth shortly before another Starlink launch

In the early morning on May 6, the Crew-3 astronauts splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico after a six month stay aboard the International Space Station. Then, just a few hours later, SpaceX launched yet another batch of Starlink satellites.

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Starlink Portability feature lets customers travel continent-wide for an additional monthly fee

Up until this point, Starlink has been meant to serve primarily as a home-internet connection for a fixed address. Now, SpaceX has launched an add-on portability feature to let customers use Starlink away from their home address for an additional monthly fee.

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Can I use Starlink away from my home address? & more commonly asked questions about Starlink Portability

SpaceX recently launched a new add-on service for Starlink that allows customers to use the service from anywhere in the same continent as their home address.

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Rocket Lab drops first caught Electron booster, but it’s not a failure

Earlier today, Rocket Lab launched its ‘There and Back Again’ mission. This was the first Electron launch to feature an air-based recovery, using a helicopter to catch the first stage that was descending under parachute. While the catch seemed good, and Rocket Lab confirmed success, groans heard from mission control made it clear that all was not quite as expected.

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Rocket Lab successfully catches falling rocket with helicopter during ‘There and Back Again’ mission [Update: Not quite]

Reusability is a growing trend in spaceflight – from reusable capsules, space planes, and rocket boosters. Rocket Lab is going all-in on reusability with its Neutron rocket, as is SpaceX with its Starship, but before then, Rocket Lab has adapted and improved its Electron rocket for recovery and reuse.

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Private astronauts return to Earth, making room for Crew-4 on the International Space Station

The Axiom-I private astronaut mission that launched on April 8 was only supposed to be a ten day journey. After weather delayed their return, the Axiom crew is back on Earth, making way for NASA and ESA astronauts to take their place.

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As SLS returns to the VAB, take an up-close look at the rocket on the pad [Gallery]

The SLS rocket that will launch Artemis I later this year is on its way back to the Vehicle Assembly Building.

Leaked image shows damage inside SpaceX’s Starship Booster 7 prototype

Booster 7 is SpaceX‘s most recent Super Heavy booster to undergo testing, and a newly leaked photograph shows pretty serious damage inside the booster.

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Former Lockheed Martin VP, Skunk Works lead joins Sierra Space as new COO

Jeff Babione, a former VP at Lockheed Martin, has joined Sierra Space as the company’s new COO.

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Rocket Lab to launch first Electron rocket from Virginia NET December 2022

Rocket Lab announced a new agreement to launch fifteen satellites for HawkEye 360, a Virginia-based geospatial analytics company. The first of these mission, which will be a rideshare mission, is expected to launch no earlier than December 2022, and will be the company’s first launch from the Mid Atlantic Regional Spaceport in Virginia.

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Crew-4 Astronauts arrive at KSC ahead of launch to ISS later this week

In the early afternoon on Monday, April 18, the Crew-4 Astronauts, three NASA astronauts and an ESA astronaut, arrived at Kennedy Space Center ahead of their launch to the International Space Station scheduled for Saturday morning.

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