Kennedy Space Center Stories March 11

NASA’s Orion spacecraft will make the journey from Ohio to Florida later this month before ultimately leaving Earth for a test flight around the Moon for the first Artemis mission.

NASA has a media event at Plum Brook Station in Ohio scheduled for this Saturday, March 14, where Orion will be on full display. The viewing event was originally scheduled for Monday, March 9, then rescheduled for the weekend on Wednesday, March 4.

The spacecraft will arrive in Florida by Tuesday, March 24, when NASA will hold a second media event for welcoming the Orion spacecraft to its next testing home.

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Donna Oddy’s “Everything to Know About Beach Mice” feature on today is hands-down the best space news of the week. I was very aware of the coastline beaches along Kennedy Space Center, but I have to admit I had no idea it inhabited beach mice.

The lesson of the day is there are 16 subspecies of field mice, four of which are considered beach mice.

The Alabama beach mouse lives in — you guessed it — Alabama. The Pallid beach mouse was found on the east coast, but this variety is believed to be extinct now. The Anastasia Island beach mouse and Southeastern beach mouse are found on the east coast of Florida.

Southeastern beach mice call the beaches of NASA’s rocket ranch home, spanning three federal properties: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Kennedy Space Center/Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, and Canaveral National Seashore.

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Kennedy Space Center Stories March 10

Lindsey Stirling’s electric violin performances are stunning all on their own, and this collaboration with NASA is just incredible.

Her latest album is called Artemis, although it has no direct association to NASA’s Artemis missions to send the first woman and next moon to the Moon with Space Launch System and Orien — until now, that is.

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Apollo 8 Firing Room, Saturn V rocket, Hubble Space telescope, Space Shuttle Atlantis, and more.

Kennedy Space Center Stories February 27

Stephen Clark at the excellent Spaceflight Now site has the extensive story behind these new SpaceX artist renderings.

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