NASA and SpaceX successfully send CRS-26 to the International Space Station

NASA and SpaceX teams successfully sent another Cargo Dragon spacecraft to the ISS on Saturday (November 26). The spacecraft is expected to remain at the Space Station for 45 days.

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Booster 7 and Ship 24 undergo major tests; Florida Starship progress continues

Both Booster 7 and Ship 24 were static fired for the first time this week as a second Starbase surge appeared to begin. Over in Florida, the completion of the orbital launch tower grows ever closer. 

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Booster 8 stacking, Booster 7 tests, Ship 21 scrapped and more Starship updates

Starship development across Starbase and Florida has continued at a pace over the past week with progress on present and future vehicles and the scrapping of past vehicles, as Ship 21 met its fate.

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Booster 7 testing, Ship 24 progress, work in Florida continues, and more Starship updates

Booster 7 underwent a cryogenic proof test earlier in the week, Ship 24 sections were moved around the production site, and work on the launch tower sections in Florida continues.

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Launch spotlight: Rocket Lab to launch ‘Without Mission A Beat’

Rocket Lab are set to launch two BlackSky satellites to orbit from Launch Complex-1A on New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula. Liftoff is set for April 2 at 12:10 UTC.

Starship full-stack undergoes testing, environmental assessment imminent

As progress continues to move at a rapid pace, a fully stacked Starship underwent its first cryogenic proof test this week followed by the first propellant loading test for the vehicle.

Hardware continues to be spotted in Florida with the construction of the tower segments as foundations are poured at Starship’s Florida launch site.

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Netflix announces documentary on NASA and SpaceX’s historic Demo-2 mission

Today Netflix released the trailer of “Return To Space,” announcing a documentary on how NASA and SpaceX returned human spaceflight to the US after a nine-year hiatus.

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Elon Musk says humans will be on Mars in 2029

In his latest prediction, SpaceX’s CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter that he expects humans to land on Mars in 2029.

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Launch Spotlight: Roscosmos launches all Russian crew to ISS amidst Russia-Ukraine war

Roscosmos launched the Soyuz MS-21 mission to the ISS this Friday at 15:55 UTC. Following spacecraft separation, the Soyuz Capsule docked with the ISS’s Prichal module around three hours later to begin a six-month mission.

How to watch NASA roll out Artemis 1’s SLS Moon rocket to the launch pad

After years of delays and cost overruns, the much-anticipated Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft are set to roll out to Launch Complex 39B on Thursday, March 17 at the Kennedy Space Center.

Update: Stream time changed to 5:45 p.m. EDT (delayed 45 minutes)

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Astronaut Mark Vande Hei Surpasses Record for Longest US Spaceflight

NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei has broken Scott Kelly’s previous record of 340 days set back in 2016 for the longest US single spaceflight record.

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX celebrates 20th anniversary

Elon Musk founded SpaceX on March 14, 2002, paving the way for two remarkable decades transforming the aerospace industry in ways never thought possible.

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New images of SpaceX’s Starship HLS plans, Booster 7 stacked, Environmental Assessment looming

Starship HLS work is underway, booster stacking continued, and a potential payload dispenser was installed as another busy week at Starbase comes to a close.

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