Launch spotlight: Rocket Lab to launch ‘Without Mission A Beat’

Rocket Lab are set to launch two BlackSky satellites to orbit from Launch Complex-1A on New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula. Liftoff is set for April 2 at 12:10 UTC.

Launch Overview

Launch Date: April 2, 2022, 12:10 UTC

Payload: Two BlackSky Earth observation satellites

Rocket: Electron

Launch Pad: Launch Complex-1A, Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand

Destination: Low Earth Orbit

The mission

Electron will take two high-resolution Earth-imaging satellites to low Earth orbit. The company’s constellation will increase to 14 satellites following a successful flight.

The launch marks Electron’s 25th mission, taking the company’s 111th and 112th satellites to orbit. There will be no booster recovery.

What is Electron?

Electron is a small-lift, two-stage launch vehicle which delivers small satellites to Low Earth Orbit or a Sun-synchronous orbit.

Its first stage sports nine Rutherford engines, each with 24kN of thrust and its second stage a single Rutherford vacuum engine with 25.8kn of thrust. The vehicle’s structure is made up of carbon composite material, ensuring a lightweight vehicle, resulting in increased performance.

The rocket measures 1.2m in diameter and around 18.5m in height.

Where to watch?

Rocket Lab’s launch webcast will go live approximately 20 minutes before liftoff. You can find the webcast here.

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