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Update: SLD 45 released their L-3 day weather report although nothing has changed for Tuesday’s flight.

After the missed opportunity to dock with the International Space Station due to a timer issue on its first flight a second test flight was needed. Boeing will be performing their second orbital flight test for their Starliner crew capsule as soon as Friday to dock with the ISS. This will also serve as the final test before NASA puts crew onboard to determine if it’s ready.

Date: Tuesday, August 3rd at 1:20 p.m. EDT

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Launch Stories July 16

SpaceX has been steamrolling towards their orbital Starship attempt out of Boca Chica since the SN15 launch. However, we are still months away from a possible attempt. The reason? Darn FAA Environmental Reviews.

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Launch Stories July 13

On July 20th Blue Origin will attempt to launch their founder and a group of explorers to the edge of space with their first crewed mission. Blue shared details on where and when to watch the flight, but the public will be pushed far away.

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Launch Stories June 30

SpaceX will launch 88 satellites into a Sun-synchronous orbit around the Earth. This will be SpaceX’s second dedicated rideshare mission and host companies like Spaceflight Inc, ExoLaunch, and D-Orbit who will deploy the bulk of the payloads with their specialized deployment system. The Falcon 9 rocket will launch south, down the coast of Florida, and then the first stage will perform the first RTLS landing of 2021, back at LZ-1.

Date: Wednesday, June 30th

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Launch Stories June 17

The United States Space Force operates the GPS constellation that we use every day to know where we are. Tomorrow, SpaceX will launch a new GPS III satellite, built by Lockheed Martin, into orbit to expand and upgrade the constellation that was been active since 1978. The launch window opens at 12:09 p.m. and lasts 15 minutes.

Date: Thursday, June 17th, 12:09 p.m. EDT

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Launch Stories June 9

Virgin Orbit has become one of the newest launch providers to come online with the success of their Demo 2 launch earlier this year. Now their first operational mission is nearing launch readiness by the end of this month.

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Launch Stories June 7

Over the weekend, SpaceX launched their second Falcon 9 of June and this time it wasn’t another batch of Starlink satellites. Read below to view pictures and videos of the launch of the newest SiriusXM satellite captured by our team of photographers.

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Launch Stories June 5

SpaceX will launch a new Sirius XM satellite into Geostationary Transfer Orbit that will provide satellite radio to their customers. The launch SXM-8 comes after SXM-7, which was launched back in January, failed after being inserted into the correct orbit. While a replacement for that satellite is needed, this satellite will replace the aging XM-4 satellite which was launched back in 2006 and provides coverage for most of North America.

Date: Sunday, June 6th, 12:26 a.m. EDT

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Launch Stories June 3

This week SpaceX is planning on launching their next Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station, this time it will be an uncrewed cargo resupply of food, equipment, and new science experiments.

Date: Thursday, June 3rd, 1:29 p.m. EDT

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Launch Stories May 26

May 26th, 3:46 p.m. EDT: SpaceX has deployed the 60 Starlink satellites that endured the ride to space this afternoon. This batch will finish up the first shell of satellites needed to provide high-speed internet around the globe.

Later today, SpaceX will attempt to launch another batch of 60 Starlink satellites into low Earth orbit. This will be their 4th mission of May again tying their record for most launches in a calendar month.

Date: Wednesday, May 26th, 2:59 PM EDT

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