Space Force Stories June 9

The newly formed United States Space Force is currently in the process of recruiting talent from the Air Force to build out the newest military branch. Between now and 2023, Space Force will consolidate and absorb all space-related roles from the Air Force, Army, and Navy.

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Space Force Stories June 8

Netflix isn’t kidding around when it comes to securing the trademark for its new “Space Force” comedy. What could that mean for the sixth branch of the US Armed Forces that shares the same name?

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Space Force Stories May 29

Planning a virtual SpaceX launch watch party on Saturday? ‘Space Force’ now streaming on Netflix

Too much electricity in the atmosphere may have delayed SpaceX from sending NASA astronauts to space this week, but a little tropical weather is no match for “Space Force.”

Space Force Stories May 5

What do you when you’ve binged every season of “The Office” during quarantine and you’re not sure a fifth binge session is healthy? There’s only one correct answer. Well, after you take a walk and consider a shower, that is. Watch the new “Space Force” series from the creators of “The Office” on Netflix.

The full trailer for the new comedy series starring Steve Carell landed today, and fans of “The Office” will appreciate echoes of Michael Scott being in way over his head.

Only this time Michael Scott is Mark Naird, a civil servant tasked with leading a new branch of the military called Space Force. Sound familiar? Check out the new trailer released today:

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Space Force Stories March 26

Thursday, March 26, 2020 is launch day at Space Launch Complex-41 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. United Launch Alliance is completing the Sixth Advanced Extremely High Frequency, or AEHF-6, mission for the United States Space Force.

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Space Force Stories February 25

That’s the question some are asking of the newest (and smallest) branch of the U.S. military. Lieutenant General David D. Thompson, the second in command at Space Force, already has three answers ready to go in this well-rounded interview with Leigh Giangreco:

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