Watch Adam Savage design and build his own xEMU-inspired spacesuit [Video]

In partnership with G4TV, the former Mythbuster Adam Savage set out to design and build his own xEMU-inspired spacesuit. The process was documented on his YouTube Channel, Tested.

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Rocket vs. Drone: FPV Drone races ARCAspace’s EcoRocket [Video]

On November 12, ARCAspace completed a test of the second stage of its EcoRocket. As the EcoRocket took to the sky, an FPV drone attempted to outpace the water-propelled rocket.

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Adam Savage meets Alan Shepards Mercury Spacesuit [Video]

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Restoration Hanger is working on Alan Shepard’s Mercury spacesuit in preparation for display. Adam Savage and Tested got to view this suit while visiting the hanger.

SmarterEveryDay discusses James Webb Space Telescope with Senior Project Scientist [Video]

With the James Webb Space Telescope coming up in December, Destin Sandlin (SmarterEveryDay) shared a video recorded in 2017 where he sat down with the senior project scientist, Dr. John Mather.