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"The swift planet"

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October 2021 - March 2022

Mercury, named after the Greek God of commerce, is the smallest planet in our solar system. Often referred to as “the swift planet” due to how quickly it orbits the sun. Its surface closely resembles the surface of our moon, scarred with impact craters and vast basins. There are also extremely tall cliffs, some up to a mile high.

The planet remains largely unexplored, with no actual landings by mankind. However, a handful of missions have performed flybys of the planet. Flybys have been made by the Mariner 10, MESSENGER, and BepiColombo missions.

Traditional life here has been deemed extremely unlikely due to the harsh conditions. This includes very high temperatures and high levels of solar radiation.

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NASA celebrates women in space on International Women’s Day

During the start of the space race, women were excluded from being Astronauts. The first American woman in space, Sally Ride, wouldn’t fly until 1983, 20 years after the Soviets flew the first woman in space. But even as policies kept women out of the coveted role of Astronaut, Women have always played a vital role in the space program.

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Adam Savage meets Alan Shepards Mercury Spacesuit [Video]

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Restoration Hanger is working on Alan Shepard’s Mercury spacesuit in preparation for display. Adam Savage and Tested got to view this suit while visiting the hanger.

BepiColombo reaches Mercury, first spacecraft in over a decade

On Friday, the BepiColombo spacecraft flew by the smallest planet in our solar system for the first time on its planned 7-year travel.

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