Watch Adam Savage design and build his own xEMU-inspired spacesuit [Video]

In partnership with G4TV, the former Mythbuster Adam Savage set out to design and build his own xEMU-inspired spacesuit. The process was documented on his YouTube Channel, Tested.

While many have grown up watching Adam Savage test outrageous myths on the hit show Mythbusters, many may not know about his obsession with spaceflight. He owns many spacesuit replicas, real and fictional, and has even attended Comic-Con with Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield. In his latest adventure in spaceflight, Adam Savage designed and built two xEMU-inspired suits. The xEMU (eXploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit) spacesuit is NASA’s next-generation suit for the Artemis program and beyond. It is designed from the ground up to be the most agile spacesuit that will allow astronauts to conduct more demanding activities.

Image Credit: NASA

While NASA is still working on the final design of the xEMU suit, Adam Savage took inspiration from everything NASA has released thus far and has now made his own version. The entire build and design process was documented, and you can watch the four-part video series on the Tested YouTube Channel

He also made a short-film, “The Beacon,” showcasing the suits. Check out the film and the build series that follows below!

I enjoyed watching every part of this build, from the engineering of the joints using bearings to the weathering process to make them appear used and worn. It gives a fascinating insight into the design and build process that you normally don’t see. Adam’s stories and tips along the way are also a delightful addition to the story being told. I hope to see this suit in person one day, maybe even at Kennedy Space Center? One can hope!

Featured Image Credit: Norman Chan/Tested

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