SpaceX’s Starlink expanding with new RV and cruise partners

SpaceX Starlink service RV Cruise

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet has continued to expand, and new partnerships will be using the service to provide internet to even more of the general public outside of the home. These latest partnerships, with Carnival Corporation and Thor Industries, will bring Starlink service aboard Carnival Cruise line and Aida Cruise ships, and also integrate the technology into newly built RVs.

Thor Industries may not be a name too well recognized by consumers, but you’ll certainly recognize their RV brands, which include Jayco, Airstream, Tiffin, and Entegra Coach. The company announced that they will work directly with Starlink to integrate the technology into their RVs as an option for customers. Specifically, they plan to integrate the flat high-performance terminal that’s designed to work during use in-motion.

When purchased directly from Starlink, that terminal costs $2,500, but exactly how much the integrated version from one of Thor Industries’ many sub-brands will cost is not clear. If you get the built-in Starlink terminal, the company is offering a month of credit for the service. In the US, the Starlink for RV service costs $135/month.

“We’re excited to work with THOR, Airstream, Entegra Coach, Jayco and Tiffin to bring Starlink to RV owners around the world,” said SpaceX Vice President of Business Operations Chad Gibbs. “By providing game-changing connectivity in remote locations whether parked or in motion, Starlink is expanding the boundaries of where RVers can explore while still staying connected to friends and family.”

While SpaceX’s partnership with Thor Industries will provide internet service to individuals a families, their partnership with Carnival Corporation can provide service to anyone aboard a Carnival or Aida cruise ship, with more cruise brands to follow. SpaceX’s thousands of satellites in low-Earth Orbit can provide high speed connectivity between not just user terminals and grounds stations, but also between satellites using laser-interconnects. These interconnects allow the high speed internet to reach out over the ocean and and all around the world.

The company will be using Starlink in addition to their existing technology to provide higher speed and more reliable internet to both guests and employees.

“High-speed, low-latency broadband internet is critical in our modern age, and we’re excited to provide Carnival Cruise Line and AIDA’s guests an internet experience that makes their travel even more enjoyable,” said Jonathan Hofeller, vice president of Starlink sales for SpaceX. “In even the most remote waters, guests onboard Carnival Corporation ships will be able to share real-time updates with friends and family.”

As SpaceX continues to expand, launching a smaller version of their V2 satellites, it’s likely SpaceX will continue to expand to work with more cruise lines, airlines, and manufacturers to directly implement Starlink connectivity.

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