Learning to Fly: When things don’t go as planned (The story of my first solo)

Don’t you just hate it when an experience you have is very different than what you had hoped for? Sometimes it turns out to be just as fun. Sometimes you feel like the moment is ruined forever. You could end up with an even grander story to tell or you could end up like a bride on her wedding day when she notices one bouquet of flowers is out of place on the table in the back corner of the reception hall. As for me, I’m still trying to figure out where I stand on my first solo flight. Let’s go back to the beginning.

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NASA mulls data ecosystem to help drones, air taxis make critical safety decisions

We’re working toward a future where passenger air taxis and drone deliveries are to become a part of everyday mobility. But how will these autonomous systems access important information, such as deteriorating weather conditions, to complete each flight safely? To address this issue, NASA researchers are exploring the creation of a decentralized data and reasoning hub that would help autonomous aircraft to make critical safety decisions rapidly.

Space Coast Air Show: F-22, E/A-18 Growler, & more take to the sky this weekend

We’ve seen two different rockets take to the skies from the Space Coast this week, and now a number of planes will be doing the same for the Space Coast International Air show.

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Learning to Fly: Getting started on the path to a pilot’s license

The flying bug bit me young. Seeing movies like Top Gun and catching The Blue Angels in my formative years had me ready to run and join the Navy right out of high school and fly Hornets off the deck of a carrier. To hell with a little propeller plane, I needed to be in a jet. The idea was to “Go fast or go home!” But, as with many of us, life took me in a different direction.

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Drones light up the sky as Falcon Heavy during Sun ‘n Fun fly in

The annual Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, Florida, concluded yesterday. On Saturday evening, drones and fireworks lit up the sky, and during the performance, those drones took on a familiar form – a Falcon Heavy.

Blue Angel 7 makes a rare appearance in New Orleans [Update: More trouble on Sunday]

In only their second show of the season, the US Navy Blue Angels were forced to make some changes on the first day of the 2022 New Orleans Air Show. No official word has been given as to why the swap was needed but speculation abounds because not one but two planes remained grounded for today’s performance.

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Orlando Air and Space Show at the Orlando Sanford International Airport [Gallery]

The Orlando Air and Space Show took flight this past weekend at the Orlando Sanford International Airport. Space Explored’s Derek Wise and Jared Locke were at the show to capture the flights.

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[UPDATE: Final team announced]Orlando Air and Space Show coming to the Orlando-Sanford International Airport this weekend

Nothing is going to space at the Orlando-Sanford International Airport, even though you would be excused for thinking there was. Aerial demonstration teams are descending on Central Florida this weekend. UPDATE: The F-22 Raptor Demo Team will be coming to the air show!

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Sun ‘n Fun Day 1: The beginning of Air Show Season has begun

After having to cancel 2020’s events due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Sun ‘n Fun is back on and better than ever. A week-long air show and aviation convention, the benefits of which will empower future generations to take to the skies.

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