Canadian Space Agency chimes in on Facebook outage

Today Facebook and its accompanying apps have experienced a global outage leaving users unable to use their services. The Canadian Space Agency joined in on poking fun at Facebook with a meme about the outage.

Could Tesla’s robot be SpaceX’s Robonaut? It wouldn’t be the first humanoid to go to space

Last week Tesla pulled a “One more thing” and announced they are working on an autonomous robot powered by their Full Self Driving neural net. Many have questioned the companies choice but there could be a clever reason for Elon’s madness. Yes, it includes Tesla Bots on Mars, it’s always about Mars.

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Debris struck International Space Station’s robotic arm, Station and arm remain unaffected

During a routine inspection on May 12th, astronauts noticed damage to one of Canadarm2’s boom segments. The damage, limited to a thermal blanket and part of the arms boom, is not expected to limit the arms operations.

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NASA and the CSA are launching a challenge seeking new food system technologies

Consuming food aboard the International Space Station (ISS) can be a rather tricky task, but luckily, NASA can regularly send more food up. However, when future missions begin calling for astronauts to travel farther out into space, that won’t be an option. Enter the “Deep Space Food Challenge.”

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Canada and NASA strike agreement on Artemis Gateway; SLS will fly first Canadian around Moon

Minister Navdeep Bains announced today that two Canadian astronauts will fly on two crewed Artemis flights starting with the first astronaut on NASA’s Artemis II mission, the first crewed flight around the Moon since Apollo 17.

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