Space Explored Podcast 50: SpaceX and Hubble, Artemis 1 to November, more

This week Seth and Jared discuss SpaceX’s study to save Hubble, of course our update on the Artemis 1 mission (that we swear will end someday) and some surprisingly nice comments by Russia’s new space chief. The hot takes this week are about Tesla’s AI robot and the FCC taking on space debris.


Direct-to-satellite Starlink coming to Tesla vehicles, but not in the way you’d expect

At a joint event between SpaceX and T-Mobile, the two companies announced that they will be launching a direct-to-phone connection with Starlink Gen 2 satellites. Elon Musk took to Twitter soon after to confirm that this same connection will allow direct connections with Tesla vehicles.

Tesla owners’ photos are launching with SpaceX: Everything you should know about the mission

Back when Tesla still had its vehicle referral program, one of the perks was the ability to launch a photo to space with another one of Elon Musk’s company’s – SpaceX. Now, for many of the Tesla owners who have waited years, that time has actually come. Tomorrow, as SpaceX launches a Moon-bound South Korean satellite, many Tesla customers will have their photos tag along. Here’s everything you should know about the launch.

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SpaceX, Tesla, and more find a place on Reddit’s r/Place just in time before the collaboration ends

Reddit reopened its collaborative art project last Friday, which gives any site user the ability to add a tile to a massive canvas every five minutes. The event ends today, and just in time, two of Elon Musk’s most famous companies found a place in it.

Video shows how to keep Starlink terminals running in Ukraine w/ mobile Tesla Powerwall

On March 9, we learned that in addition to the Starlink terminals SpaceX has been sending to help keep Ukraine online, another Elon Musk company, Tesla, has been fabricating cables and shipping out Tesla Powerwall units to help keep the terminals powered. Now, a video sent to our sister-site Electrek shows how the units can be set up to provide a more mobile power solution.

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NASA is looking for Lunar Rovers for its Artemis Program

With the continued goal of crewed landings on the Moon in 2024, NASA is in need of more flight hardware for lunar exploration. The next big part will be a rover, NASA put out a request for information regarding proposed Artemis rovers.

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Could Tesla’s robot be SpaceX’s Robonaut? It wouldn’t be the first humanoid to go to space

Last week Tesla pulled a “One more thing” and announced they are working on an autonomous robot powered by their Full Self Driving neural net. Many have questioned the companies choice but there could be a clever reason for Elon’s madness. Yes, it includes Tesla Bots on Mars, it’s always about Mars.

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SpaceX works on new high bay, Blue Origin fighting for HLS, Mass simulator on SLS, & more top stories

This week, SpaceX has continued their work at Starbase, 34 more OneWeb satellites were launched into orbit, and SLS has gained its Orion mass simulator.

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Tesla robot going to Mars, Starship flap design changes, and more Elon tweets

This week, Tesla has been a mainstay of the news. Their AI day served as a recruitment tool as they unveiled their Dojo super-computer and a Tesla robot.

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Could Tesla’s new robot replace SpaceX’s Boston Dynamics robots in Starbase?

At Tesla’s AI day yesterday, they shared a first look at a new Humanoid Tesla robot. Currently, in Boca Chica, Texas, they make use of two Boston Dynamics Spot robots to augment their work while developing Starship. This raises the question: could this new Tesla robot take the place of Spot down in Starbase?

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SpaceX’s Super Heavy ready for flight in a few weeks, Artemis EVA suits & more Elon tweets

While Blue Origin continues to attack SpaceX’s award of the Human Lander System contract for Artemis, SpaceX remains hard at work towards the first orbital launch from their “non-existent” spaceport. More so, Elon has criticized Bezos for holding back the Artemis program in the very ways that Bezos has previously spoken against.

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Elon tweets this week: New raptor production facility, more raptors on Starship, a new droneship and more

While the focus in space this week has been on Virgin Galactic, Elon still shared many notable pieces of information about SpaceX on Twitter.

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Elon tweets this week: Starlink for airplanes, Starship updates, and competition in space

Elon Musk is known for his online antics and market-moving jokes. His Twitter account also provides a wealth of information.

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Tesla is updating Roadster design, 0-60 mph in mind-boggling 1.1 sec with SpaceX package?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla is updating the new Roadster design, and it looks like it’s going to achieve a 0-60 mph acceleration in a mind-boggling 1.1 seconds with the SpaceX package.

Caught by Tesla camera, Florida skies lit up by meteor

At 10:16 pm Eastern Time, a Meteor lit up the sky over Florida. The meteors large streak was spotted by people across central and south Florida.

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Launch company Astra hires former Tesla automation lead to boost rocket production

Astra, an up-and-coming launch company that will soon compete with SpaceX, announced today that former Tesla automation lead Pablo Gonzalez to help scale the production of their rockets. This comes not long after Astra hired a former Apple Car project lead to be Astra’s Chief Engineer.

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Astronauts Behnken and Hurley complete SpaceX Demo-2 dress rehearsal with ‘ISSBND’ Tesla Model X

Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will be on their journey to the International Space Station in just four days. Before history is made on May 27, the NASA and SpaceX teams must prepare with a bit of practice in the form of a dress rehearsal.

Sporting modern SpaceX flight suits inside a Tesla Model X electric SUV tagged with “ISSBND” (as in International Space Station bound), the astronaut duo went through all the motions of what we’ll see on Wednesday — minus firing off a Falcon 9 rocket.

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