Space Explored Podcast 50: SpaceX and Hubble, Artemis 1 to November, more

This week Seth and Jared discuss SpaceX’s study to save Hubble, of course our update on the Artemis 1 mission (that we swear will end someday) and some surprisingly nice comments by Russia’s new space chief. The hot takes this week are about Tesla’s AI robot and the FCC taking on space debris.


SpaceX Starlink service could come to iPhone and Android through satellite hotspot

In a filing with the FCC Monday, SpaceX is revealed to be looking to add the 2GHz frequency to its Starlink license for use with “mobile users.” While we don’t know much about what this means, it could be the start of offering its service to cell phone users.

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SpaceX calls on FCC to lower standard for satellite orbit life

In an update post on the company’s website, SpaceX called on the FCC and other international parties to change its standard on how long a satellite should stay in Low Earth Orbit.

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Astra, Hughes Net, Inmarsat, and Telesat all file for satellite constellations; Boeing constellation approved

Numerous companies have filed applications to create satellite constellations in low Earth orbit. The filings come as the deadline for the FCC’s second processing round for the V-band comes tonight.

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