Spot Stories May 25

Since SpaceX first acquired a Boston Dynamics Spot robot last year, they have served as vital tools for inspecting areas where it is not safe for humans to be located. During my recent trip to Boca Chica, I noticed that something had changed on SpaceX’s first robotic dog, Zeus.

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Spot Stories April 22

If a dog is man’s best friend, can a robot dog named Zeus be best friends with a rocket to Mars? We’d like to believe so, and that’s what appears to be happening in South Texas.

LabPadre who documents SpaceX activity at its Boca Chica facility caught footage of what appears to be a Boston Dynamics-made robot dog running around the Starship test site.

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Spot Stories December 22, 2020

A large majority of the terrain on Mars is rather challenging to traverse, especially for our delicate and slow-moving rovers. Because of this fact, NASA/JPL-Caltech has been hard at work creating what may be the future of Mars exploration: an autonomous robot dog.

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