Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s Privateer comes out of stealth mode with satellite tracker ‘Wayfinder’

On March 1, Steve Wozniak’s Privateer officially came out of stealth mode, releasing its first space tracking app named “Wayfinder,” allowing you to visualize and track orbiting satellites and space debris.

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NASA Administrator ‘Outraged’ by Russia’s ‘reckless, dangerous’ anti-satellite test

As we reported, on Monday morning, the International Space Station residents quickly retreated to their spacecraft as the station underwent emergency procedures. A Russian anti-satellite test created a massive field of debris in orbit, putting Astronauts and Cosmonauts at risk.

Now, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has released a statement condemning Russia’s actions.

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Debris struck International Space Station’s robotic arm, Station and arm remain unaffected

During a routine inspection on May 12th, astronauts noticed damage to one of Canadarm2’s boom segments. The damage, limited to a thermal blanket and part of the arms boom, is not expected to limit the arms operations.

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