Canadian Space Agency chimes in on Facebook outage

Facebook outage Canadarm space

Today Facebook and its accompanying apps have experienced a global outage leaving users unable to use their services. The Canadian Space Agency joined in on poking fun at Facebook with a meme about the outage.

In a post on Twitter, whose usage has skyrocketed due to the outage, the space agency shared a meme featuring its iconic Canadarm2. The robotic arm is used on the International Space Station to support moving large objects, capturing spacecraft, and assisting in spacewalks.

The outage of Facebook, and its associated platforms, has produced a large number of memes on the subjects. The CSA joined in on poking fun with a meme of its Canadarm reaching out to give Facebook a “helping arm.” Along with Facebook; Instagram and WhatsApp are down with other sites reporting issues due to a higher influx of users.

The Canadarm2 is the evolution of the Space Shuttle’s tool variation, which was just named Canadarm. Five of the first-generation arms were built and were used to deploy satellites, extend experiments away from the orbiter, and make the historic repairs on the Hubble Space Telescope.

Canadarm2 was launched to the space station in 2001 on STS-100 and played a major role in constructing the station. All memes aside, the Canadarm2 has truly been a key helping arm for NASA and its international partners, if only Facebook could take advantage of its help.

What is causing the outage?

The reason users cannot access Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger is because somehow Facebook’s domains were removed from DNS servers. The source of its removal is still unknown. This means when you try to connect to, the DNS server you connect to doesn’t know how direct your traffic to Facebook servers. This is also affecting Facebook employees as they cannot use internal tools, with the CEO of Instagram stating today was like a “snow day.”

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