Ariane 5 lifts final payload before NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope flight

Last night Arianespace launched their 111th Ariane 5 mission to space carrying satellites for SES and the French military. This marked its final flight of the Ariane 5 before it launches NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope in December.

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New photos show James Webb telescope standing at Arianespace’s processing facility

The new flagship telescope for NASA and its partnering nations is preparing to launch beyond the Moon from French Guiana. The James Webb telescope is now seen at Arianespace’s clean room getting ready for launch vehicle integration.

OneWeb’s constellation passes halfway point with recent launch

Early Thursday morning, Arianespace launched Russia’s Soyuz rocket carrying 36 OneWeb satellites. This launch brought OneWeb’s constellation over the halfway point to completion.

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OneWeb launches 34 more satellites into orbit to join their satellite constellation

Earlier today, 34 more OneWeb satellites were lifted into orbit on a Soyuz rocket that launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, this being the company’s 9th launch.

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What kind of payloads could use Ariane 6’s new kick stage?

Today the European Space Agency announced they will add a kick stage option to their upcoming Ariane 6 rocket. The addition brings expands the payload capabilities for the rocket.

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Vega C gains another payload even after a second failed launch from predecessor rocket version

The new variant of Arianespace’s Vega rocket called the Vega C that has an updated first and second stage just received another payload contract. Vega C is planning on its launch debut in mid-2021, but Arianespace is unsure if we’ll see this pushed back after another failed launch attempt last month.

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