Google celebrates historic Mars Helicopter flight with a custom search page

After the announcement of the first successful flight of NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter people have taken to social media to share their excitement, including companies and celebrities.

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter which tagged a ride with the Perseverance Mars Rover took off for its first flight at 3:30 AM EDT and a few hours later teams received word that the flight was successful. This is the first time a vehicle obtained powered and controlled flight on another planet, having its own Wright Brother’s moment.

Google often makes use of their Google doodles (temporary replacements to the normal Google logo in the search engine) to celebrate historic events, but today they made an entirely custom search page where Ingenuity flies around the screen and over the search results.

In order to see the search custom page, you can simple search, “NASA Ingenuity” then click on the animated GIF next to the words ingenuity

Google is far from the only company to celebrate the success of Ingenuity. We also saw both LEGO and Peanuts post their congratulation to the Ingenuity teams.

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