LEGO Education and NASA plan to launch minifigures around the Moon on Artemis I

LEGO and NASA made their announcement today, and sadly no, it is not a LEGO Space Launch System set, but it is something very cool!

NASA and LEGO are up to something, announcement coming November 8

NASA and LEGO are preparing for some sort of announcement on November 8, and fans are guessing about what it could be.

Check out this Clockwork Solar System on LEGO Ideas

Who doesn’t love LEGOs? For just shy of 90 years LEGO bricks have been a favorite of children and adults to both pass the time and express creativity. For some, that means houses or cars maybe but for the best builders in the community, they blow us away with complex creations like a LEGO orrery on their Ideas page.

How to build your very own LEGO Ingenuity mini-figure

Early Monday morning NASA’s Ingenuity took its first flight into the Martian atmosphere. This marks the first powered flight on another planet 118 years after the Wright brothers took their first flight here on Earth. You can celebrate the occasion by building your own Ingenuity out of LEGOs!

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