Check out this Clockwork Solar System on LEGO Ideas

Who doesn’t love LEGOs? For just shy of 90 years LEGO bricks have been a favorite of children and adults to both pass the time and express creativity. For some, that means houses or cars maybe but for the best builders in the community, they blow us away with complex creations like a LEGO orrery on their Ideas page.

LEGO Ideas has hosted some amazing creations that had made it all the way to official LEGO products. In the past, we’ve seen the Saturn V and International Space Station sets make it through the Ideas selection process. For those that don’t know how LEGO Ideas works, it’s a way for fan-created models to be shared and have a chance to become official sets. Each set submitted attempts to gain 10,000 supporters for the chance to begin a review process by LEGO. While many don’t make it through this review, those that do go on to be sold as official sets in LEGO’s stores.

LEGO Ideas orrery brings functionality and design together

Another out-of-this-world idea is currently making waves on LEGO’s site. Created on Monday, the Clockwork Solar System has already amassed several thousand supporters of the project. The mechanical solar system features all 8 planets orbiting around the Sun at an accuracy of about 99.8%. The motorized LEGO orrery features an amazing design along with impressive functionality.

This set has the potential to make it to the final stage. Designed by Chris Orchard and Brent Waller, Waller has been behind several sets to make it to the final review with one making it all the way to LEGO store shelves.

Searching through LEGO Ideas you’ll find a large collection of space-related sets. From NASA missions and spacecrafts to SpaceX Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets and all the companies in between. You’ll be able to find plenty of creations to support.

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