NASA and LEGO are up to something, announcement coming November 8

NASA and LEGO are preparing for some sort of announcement on November 8, and fans are guessing about what it could be.

NASA and LEGO have partnered up with a series of episodes called Build to Launch. The series follows a fictional space team of LEGO characters preparing for a similar path to the Moon as NASA’s Artemis missions. Each episode details a specific part of the Artemis program (along with one on the James Webb telescope) and includes stories and info from NASA employees.

This series has led up to where we are now, where LEGO teased on social media that a big announcement is coming on November 8. LEGO shows off an SLS-like rocket made out of the plastic bricks in the shared teaser video, launching from a pad. The design matches LEGO’s Deep Space Rocket set, a clear copy of NASA’s upcoming SLS rocket.

This would be episode seven of the series and is the first time the toy company has teased a new episode – leading fans to believe something big is coming.

Does this mean a SLS LEGO set?

Probably not. The set in the video is clearly the already mentioned SLS copy LEGO already sells. The SLS rocket has been submitted through LEGO Ideas numerous times, all of which have been denied. While most of us in the community wish for more space-themed LEGO sets, SLS is most likely just not ready yet. Maybe once it launches SLS will be given the honor of its own set.

Even if it isn’t an SLS LEGO set, you should check out the series. Especially if you have kids interested in space and building with LEGO bricks. It’s a pretty easy listen/watch on 2x speed for us adults and has some fantastic stories and facts about NASA’s projects. You can find LEGO’s Build to Launch series on the company’s education YouTube channel.

Would you buy an SLS LEGO set? Let us know what space-themed sets you hope we see announced below.

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