NASA’s Glenn Research Center opens free world-class research facility tours

NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Ohio is opening its doors to the public for a series of free tours of world-class research facilities this year. The tours are designed in part to celebrate 20 years of continuous human presence in space with the International Space Station.

April 4, Electric Propulsion and Power Lab, where researchers test spacecraft power and propulsion systems.

May 2, Aero-Acoustic Propulsion Laboratory, where some of the world’s most advanced aircraft noise-reduction ideas are developed and tested.

June 6, 8×6 Supersonic Wind Tunnel, where researchers test models for the next generation of supersonic aircraft.

July 11, Graphics & Visualization (GVIS) Laboratory and the Reconfigurable User-interface & Virtual Reality Exploration (GRUVE) Laboratory. Come see things in a different light!

Aug. 8, Zero Gravity Research Facility, where researchers test payloads in free fall for five seconds, dropping over 400 feet.  

Sept. 12, Simulated Lunar Operations (SLOPE) Laboratory, where rover components are tested for their ability to navigate and investigate planetary surfaces.  

An additional date and location planned for October will be added in the future. Awesome opportunity if you’re around the Cleveland area for any of the dates. Registration is required, but the tour is totally free.

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