Apple TV app for iPhone and iPad now integrates discoverable AR lunar objects from ‘For All Mankind’

Last month Apple released its first augmented reality experience for the Apple TV+ video service, starting with For All Mankind: Time Capsule. Users catch up with what happened between seasons 1 and 2 and explore news events that happened in the alternate timeline. A new experience was launched today to further connect items in the show to viewers through AR.

For All Mankind is a dramatic alternate timeline series that go through what could have happened to NASA and the Space Race of the 60s if the Soviet Union landed on the Moon first rather than NASA’s Apollo 11 mission.

The new AR experience allows users to place objects into their own environment and explore more of the equipment used by NASA and the Russians in the show to get to the Moon and survive on it. Within the iPhone and iPad app you can check out 10 different objects from both sides of the lunar conflict.

  • Soviet Union spacesuit
  • Soyuz spacecraft and lunar lander
  • Original NASA lunar lander
  • Apollo A-7LB spacesuit
  • NASA’s Saturn V moon rocket
  • Jamestown Base
  • The NASA Lunar Rover
  • Soviet N1 moon rocket
  • Apollo space capsule and service module
  • Upgraded NASA Lunar Lander
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Apple launched the experience today in the United States and many other regions across the world. It can be viewed on your iPhone and iPad using the built-in TV app. When you select For All Mankind, the Dive Deeper section is located below Season 1 and 2 and can be launched directly from the app itself.

We are midway through Season 2 with episode 5 coming out this Friday, but you can read our spoiler free review of the entire season that features interviews from the cast and crew of the show.

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