Get your space fix with Facer’s new NASA, Mars, and Star Trek Apple Watch faces

Today Facer is releasing brand new watch faces for the Apple Watch that will let you show off your space passion everywhere you go.

One of the major limitations that have held back the Apple Watch is the limitations of creating your own watch face. Official watch faces can only come from Apple, and new ones drop only once or twice a year. For those who want more unique and frequent designs, third-party watch face suppliers who work around system limitations like Facer are the only option.

Starting is watchOS 7, Apple Watch users have been able to share their watch faces easily, and Facer has been an app in the community that has created some stunning watch faces for you use for yourself. Today Facer announced a new group of watches faces including some that will help you sport how much you love space.

Space faces are finally here

For the longest time, the closest we’ve had to space-themed watch faces have been models of the Earth or Moon. Now you will be able to rock the NASA worm design, Star Trek pride themes, and many other designs.

The NASA faces focus on the agency’s goal to get to Mars. NASA’s Artemis program is focusing on the Moon first. The program’s end goal is to still get humanity ready for a trip to Mars. Some ask why getting to Mars isn’t as easy as getting to the Moon. The facts are that going to Mars is much more difficult and requires skills that only going to the Moon for a longer period of time will teach us. Mars trips take years, not weeks like the Apollo program, so getting the necessary years of space living experience on the Moon will be a great stepping stone for the first crewed mission to Mars.

How to get the new faces

Back to watch faces, the new designs are vibrantly colorful and certainly unique compared to the built-in Apple faces. To get access to these new watch faces, you must download the Facer app for iOS and become a premium member.

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