NASA shares new video detailing why we are heading back to the Moon

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Tuesday NASA released a video on their YouTube channel that went over why we are heading back to the Moon and what we expect we can learn from going.

“But why some say the Moon?”, the famous line of President John F Kennedy’s 1962 speech still resonates today. Back then we were embarking on a daring and extremely expensive journey further than any past explorers have ever done. Today we plan to return there, with more wisdom than before and hope that we will return with as many technological advances as we did 50 years ago.

Many questions still stand for why we want to do something we’ve already done so long ago like the Moon. For many, it may look like a waste of money or the United States trying to flex its muscles one more time. But for those working on NASA’s Artemis program, it’s an opportunity to learn and to grow. The challenge of exploring our celestial neighbors for decades have pushed for innovations and new groundbreaking technologies.

NASA outlines what they expect to gain from returning to the Moon in a new video on their YouTube channel. New technologies like nuclear fission and innovations in logistics, construction, and resource collection could be gained by developing a lunar base.

But the biggest answer to “Why the Moon?” is because Mars is our next stop. The human exploration and colonization of Mars will be the biggest achievement so far in human history but it won’t come easy. Knowledge gain by learning to grow and live on the Moon will be able to translate directly to our exploration of Mars.

Watch NASA’s short 5 minute video below, detailing why we are heading back to Moon and how we are going to do it.

Featured image by Jared Locke for Space Explored

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