First look at Netflix’s new movie ‘Don’t Look Up’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence

On Wednesday Netflix released the first trailer for “Don’t Look Up”, a comedy about an end of the world scenario where a comet threatens to hit Earth.

The movie follows Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as two low-level astronomers trying to warn the American people about a comet on a collision course with Earth. The media tour they follow takes them on live tv shows and to the White House where the President (Meryl Streep) and her assistant (Jonah Hill) don’t seem concerned.

The movie is expected to come out in select theaters at the beginning of December but will stream exclusively to Netflix on Christmas Eve. The movie hosts a list of stars including Ariana Grande, Tyler Perry, Ron Perlman, and Matthew Perry.

Controversial Space Shuttle launch scene

While most viewers will probably not care about the inadequacies of this scene, those of us that understand how rocket launches work will always be bugged by inaccuracies.

In one scene we see a Space Shuttle launching simultaneuously with many other nearby rockets. It is extremely unreaslistic for that many launches to happen at once without causing issues with one another. Admittedly, it does make for an intruguing action scene, even if the shuttle is technically flying the wrong way up. A reality like that would be a fun one to live in, minus the Earth destroying comet.

Credit: Netflix

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