‘Lightyear,’ Pixar’s Toy Story stand-alone character movie blasts off next June

Buzz Lightyear Movie Pixar

That’s right, a stand-alone Buzz Lightyear movie from Pixar is coming in June of 2022. Based on the Toy Story series character, the trailer is packed full of Space Ranger awesomeness.

Pixar is diving into its first realistic feature about one of its beloved characters from the Toy Story series. Although, it’s not about the Buzz we grew up loving, but rather the human the toy is based on.

On Wednesday, Disney released the first trailer for Lightyear, and may I just say, this is the best-looking movie based on a fictional toy. Originally announced in December of 2020, Disney said the movie is about the “original Buzz Lightyear,” but what does “original” mean?

Many theories have popped up if this is about a fictional movie within the Toy Story universe or if Buzz Lightyear is an actual person in the universe, meaning the stories of Andy and his toys exist in a far off future where Space Rangers from Star Command defend the universe from the Evil Emporer Zurg… sorry I’m getting carried away.

Chris Evans will voice the character and show off Buzz’s adventures of being a Space Ranger. Launching from a planet on his very own spaceplane traveling across worlds beating bad guys and doing what Space Rangers do. Expect to see Buzz back on the big screen, or nowadays on your home screen, on June 17, 2022.

One note to leave you on… what if this is a movie based on the dreams of Buzz the toy. Detailing whatever Buzz Lightyear toys believe they are when placed in their spaceship boxes… Okay, that’s enough, back to our regularly scheduled space news.

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