Google and NASA partner up to create James Webb Space Telescope 3D model

In just a few weeks, decades of hard work will start its journey to space and begin paying dividends as NASA‘s James Webb Space Telescope finally becomes operational. Google and NASA partnered up to celebrate the launch.

Google 3D model of James Webb Space Telescope

Like other major NASA missions in the past, Google worked with the agency to create a high-fidelity 3D model. This time it’s NASA’s JWST getting the treatment as it gets closer to finally launching.

The model is available on Google’s mobile app by just searching for the telescope. You can also find Google’s blog post here that directly links you to the Webb model. Besides just being a 3D model, you can also place Webb into your home as an AR experience. Again, this is only available through the mobile app’s model version.

The most powerful spcae based telescope gearing up for launch

After the vibration scare during launch vehicle adapter mating, Webb has been cleared and is moving on to the next steps in launch preparations. In the past few weeks, Webb has been attached to the payload adaptor and fully fueled with its propellant, used for station keeping and fine-tuning its orbit.

On Tuesday, Webb was moved to Arianespace’s final integration facility to be placed on its launch vehicle, the Ariane 5. After that, the next major milestone will be launch, which will take place on December 22 from French Guiana. After that, continued testing will take place, as NASA’s new $10 billion telescope will only have one shot to make it to its orbit. Once there, it will have to perform flawlessly as no servicing missions can fix it.

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