Solar panels launched into space may soon send power back to Earth

LONGi Green Energy, the world’s largest solar company, is going to launch solar panels into space to test whether they can successfully work in orbit and transmit power back to Earth.

Here’s why Elon Musk is TIME’s 2021 Person of the Year

TIME magazine has named Elon Musk its 2021 Person of the Year. Here’s why it selected the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.

Is the first fossil-free jet fuel made from CO2 viable? The US Air Force thinks so

Berkeley, California-based carbon transformation company Twelve and Tulsa-based Emerging Fuels Technology (EFT) today announced that they have produced the first fossil-free jet fuel from carbon dioxide using an electrochemical process. The project received funding from the US Air Force.

Tesla Cybertruck modified as awesome lunar vehicle — could it become reality?

A designer has rendered the Tesla Cybertruck as a lunar rover vehicle and it looks awesome. Could it soon become a reality?