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October 2021

NASA’s iconic beach house has long served as a peaceful place for astronaut’s to spend time with their families. Sitting about 50 meters from the Atlantic, between SLC-40 and SLC-41, it offers a beautiful view and some quiet isolation. The Beach House is also where 14 Astronauts said their final goodbyes to their families.

History of the Beach House

The house was built in 1962. It was acquired the next year via eminent domain for $31,500. Accounting for inflation, this would be $279,700. While a great deal of land was acquired in this way, most of the structures were demolished. Little is known about why this house, in particular, was kept.

Undated photo. The Beach House as it was purchased. Credit: NASA

In the Apollo Era, the Beach House was known as the Astronaut Training and Rehabilitation Building. At that time, crew members were able to stay overnight in the building, but that quickly changed.

In its early days, the Beach House could accommodate overnight stays by the astronaut.

Beach House in 2010. Credit: NASA
“If Walls Could Talk”. Video podcast from 2011. Credit: NASA

The future for the Beach House

The Beach house is here to stay. The iconic building will continue to serve as a conference center for workers and a quiet retreat for Astronauts.