$75K robot dog used by SpaceX will be upgraded with arm and self-charging dock in 2021

Can anyone give a dog a hand? That’ll be a yes from Boston Dynamics, makers of $75K robot dogs named Spot. The advanced robotics company plans to upgrade its line of remote operated inspection robots next year with two new accessories.

Based on customer demand, Boston Dynamics will enhance Spot the robot dog with a robotic arm attachment that can grab things and even open doors. Spot will also gain an optional self-charging station where the robot dog can top off before completing longer jobs.

Boston Dynamics says it has sold 300 robot dogs to enterprise customers during its first year of sales. We know at least one of those customers is SpaceX, which dubbed its Starship prototype-inspecting robot dog Zeus. Maybe we can get a high five moment between Zeus and Starhopper next year.

Here are some examples of the upgraded Spot in action:

Pricing and availability for the two new Spot accessories has not yet been announced beyond 2021.

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