NASA researchers achieved ‘quantum teleportation’ over a long distance

Alongside researchers from Caltech, Fermilab, AT&T, Harvard, and the University of Calgary, the team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory conducted an experiment where they were able to transfer information over long distance using quantum entanglement.

Quantum entanglement is where two particles are connected and share information like their current state between them, no matter the distance. Transferring data over connected entangled could be used to create quantum internet networks like the ones used in their experiment at Caltech and Fermilab.

The experiment ended in being able to “teleport’ qubits, which the basic information unit in quantum computing, over a 44 km (27 miles) of fiber optic cables. The team co-authored a paper detailing their findings that could lead to the growth of quantum internet networks.

NASA has always been helpful in funding and taking part in researching the cutting edge of technology, and quantum computing is the newest in hot items researchers want to tackle.

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