Mars Base Alpha makes sketch appearance during Elon Musk’s ‘SNL’ debut

This week’s Saturday Night Live was hosted by none other than SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. This lead to many references to all of Musk’s companies, one of the highlights of the night though was a skit showing off SpaceX’s future base on Mars.

Musk has said many times over that the goal of SpaceX is to make humans multi-planetary. This is the reason why the company has put a large sum of money to develop its Starship rocket down in Boca Chica. Musk has named the future Martian colony Mars Base Alpha.

During one of the final sketches of Musk’s time hosting SNL, SpaceX with its future colony on Mars made an appearance as the basis of a thrilling hero story. The sketch was based around a problem at the colony where the crew habitats were not getting enough oxygen. The solution, send an astronaut out to activate the emergency supply of oxygen. The only issue is there’s a solar storm and the radiation levels would kill the astronaut who made the trip.

Have no fear cause NASA astronaut Chad, played by Pete Davidson, is there to save the day. The careless astronaut decides that he’s fine with the consequences and goes out to activate the life-saving oxygen. Musk, playing himself in the sketch, pushes the live feed to the world and orders Davidson to show his face to the world.

While Musk, the director of the Mars base in the fictional timeline, probably meant to look at the camera or lift up the helmet’s visor. The not-so-smart astronaut decides he will just take his helmet off, which we can all imagine how bad of an idea that was.

Musk, the first person to host SNL with Aspergers, as well as one of only a select few to host that is not an actor, comedian, or singer. For the not-so-well-spoken billionaire, the show was great and worth a watch. Especially if you are a fan of Elon’s witty humor.

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