Ask SpaceX Anything: Starship, Dragon, and Starlink software developers hosting AMA

Five members of SpaceX’s software team will be participating in an AMA (ask me anything) Q&A session on Reddit on Saturday, May 15. Have a question for folks behind the software that powers Starship, Dragon, Starlink, and more?

The SpaceX software AMA is already live on Reddit here where you can post your question and upvote questions that you hope to see addressed on Saturday at noon pacific. Here’s who will be participating in the Q&A session from SpaceX:

  • Jarrett Farnitano – I work on Dragon vehicle software including the crew displays
  • Kristine Huang – I lead application software for Starlink constellation
  • Jeanette Miranda – I develop firmware for lasercom
  • Asher Dunn – I lead Starship software
  • Natalie Morris – I lead software test infrastructure for satellites

According to the post, the SpaceX team will be tackling topics that cover their last year of achievement (that’s a huge net) including these:

  • Designing Starlink’s scalable telemetry system storing millions of points per second
  • Updating the software on our orbiting Starlink satellites (the largest constellation in space!)
  • Designing software for the Starlink space lasers terminals for high-speed data transmission
  • Developing software to support our first all civilian mission (Inspiration4)
  • Completing our first operational Crew Dragon mission (Crew-1)
  • Designing the onboard user interfaces for astronauts
  • Rapid iteration of Starship’s flight software and user interface

We’ll keep an eye on the AMA and highlight interesting insights from the SpaceX software team when it wraps up.

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