In celebration of 1 million subscribers, Everyday Astronaut is hosting a charity for the Challenger Center

If you don’t know Tim Dodd, he is a man on a mission to educate the public about space exploration through fun, well-researched, deep-dive videos. Today he’s raising money for charity.

Tim Dodd, aka the Everyday Astronaut, reached 1 million subscribers on YouTube this week and is doing a day-long celebration stream. The goal of the stream is to do an extremely complex task in the popular game Kerbal Space Program, a semi-realistic space program simulator. Imagine something like SimCity or Microsoft Flight Simulator but you’re building rockets and have to learn real rocket science!

In honor of Dodd’s 1 million subscriber milestone, he agreed to attempt this challenge and raise money for the Challenger Center at the same time. Formed by the families of the lost crew of Space Shuttle Challenger, their mission is to continue the STEM education goal of the crew’s mission. Today, you can watch and learn as Dodd works to solve the challenge and 100% of the money donated in the stream will go to the Challenger Center.

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