Virgin Galactic releases Unity 22 Highlight Reel [Video]

While Virgin Galactic ran into some technical difficulties with the live views from the cabin of VSS Unity, you can now watch the crew experience spaceflight. The crew spent just over a minute above the 50 miles high definition of space but experienced ~2-3 minutes of zero gravity.

Providing customers great views during their flight is crucial to Virgin Galactic’s mission, but providing them a way to reflect on their experience is paramount. To capture every moment of the journey, the cabin of VSS Unity is fitted with roughly 16 cameras. An attempt was made to bring live views of the Unity 22 flight, but streaming video from that distance can be a difficult feat. However, the cameras record their footage locally, so we can witness the flight with the crew.

Commercial Space Tourism

Virgin Galactic’s Unity 22 flight was a great introduction to the era of commercial space tourism. Blue Origin is also expected to break into the space tourism game with their July 20th launch. Aside from the debate between the 80-kilometer “U.S.” definition of space and the 100-kilometer Kármán Line, both companies are sure to provide thrilling and unforgettable experiences for their customers. Hopefully, the price of a seat will come down enough to an amount that is affordable to the average person.

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