Watch a raw look of Elon Musk conducting business at Starbase with Everyday Astronaut [Part 3 of 3]

Elon Musk orbital launch mount

Today Tim Dodd, the Everyday Astronaut, released his final part of his Starbase tour/interview with Elon Musk. This part of the tour shows what Starbase’s orbital launch pad area looks like the day before teams stacked the orbital mount table.

Dodd’s third part took place at SpaceX’s orbital launch site. Dodd and Musk rode from the build site to the launch pad in a Model Y, fully on Tesla’s Full Self Driving of course. Once there, Musk was instantly met by Same Petel, SpaceX’s Senor Director of Starship Operations who gave his boss an overview of how things were going. This part was less an interview and more a short look at what it’s like working with Musk.

Remember, this was filmed on July 30th, before even the orbital mount plate was installed. At this point, we didn’t fully understand what SpaceX was pushing toward this week. That being said, the SpaceX team knew exactly what they were pushing towards. A SpaceX employee embraced Musk saying “We will make it”, referring to fully stacking Starship 20 and Booster 4, a true testament to how invested SpaceX employees are in this project.

Elon Musk’s reason for Starbase’s urgent development

The tour moved to the top of Starbase’s orbital launch mount, the pillars sticking up on the pad, to discuss the rapid progress SpaceX has made. Musk mentioned that because we had a lull of almost a decade with crewed launch capability in the US, we need a sharp curve in progress now. “I tell the crane operators what would you do if there’s an asteroid heading to this planet in 8 days,” said Patel about why there seems to be an urgency to get Starship built and launched. Musk followed with “If we move with extreme urgency then we have a chance of making life multi-planetary, still just a chance, not for sure”. This shows the mindset not just Musk but the entire SpaceX team has when developing Starship.

This by far was the most interesting part of the Dodd’s series, while it was the shortest. Seeing this raw look of Musk at work shows a glimpse of what life is like building SpaceX’s newest rocket.

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